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Sustainable Fashion Alert- Blogger Brides Reveal Fashionable Ways to Re-Use Your Wedding Lehenga

Sustainable Fashion Alert! One thought we brides have while buying our bridal lehenga is ‘will we ever be able to re-wear this beauty?’. We may justify the price of our lehengas, by saying ‘we’ll wear it at this or that wedding’. But, what actually happens to super precious lehenga after it is packed and carefully pushed to the back of the closet? It lies there forgotten, waiting for that ‘one day’ when it’ll be worn again! If you also want to re-wear your wedding lehenga, then have a look at these most fashionable ways in which you can reuse your wedding lehenga! 

Sustainable Fashion Alert- Blogger Brides Reveal Fashionable Ways to Re-Use Your Wedding Lehenga

Sustainable fashion is the new trend and if you are spending a bomb on your wedding lehenga, it only makes sense to re wear it at least a few times!

Make Some Tweaks

If your wedding lehenga has a lot of flare, start by getting rid of some of the can can. This will make the lehenga easy to wear and so much lighter (so you can dance the night away). Plus, if you know a good tailor, then you can even get some of the embellishments taken off, after all, you don’t want to upstage the bride. 

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(C) Indian Street Fashion

Mix & Match

Try mixing and matching every element separately. Take your heavy dupatta and match it with a plain suit or wear a stunning saree blouse with that heavy skirt for your brother’s wedding. Maybe a crop top with the skirt? You can even pair the lehenga blouse with a saree. There are so many options, you just need to get on your creative side!

Get a New Blouse

Get a new trendy blouse made with your lehenga skirt. Go for a cape style blouse or a jacket which will also help cover a bit of your skirt too. This is a good option if you have a super duper heavy skirt. 

(C) Jayanti Reddy

Turn it into an Anarkali

Yup, you read that right!  Even the thought of turning your wedding lehenga into an anarkali hurts! But, truth be told, anarkalis are more wearable and easy to carry too! So, get the blouse attached to your skirt and turn it into an anarkali! If your lehenga have kalis in it, you can remove some to make it easy to wear anarkali.

(C) Anjie Gogna Dhawan

Wear it With A Shirt

One of the most trending ways to re wear your wedding lehenga is to wear it with a shirt and this trend is celebrity approved too! This is the perfect way to balance out the bling of your lehenga white a simple shirt! You can experiment with different fabrics, colors and styles too, to get that stunning cutiee pie look! 

(C) Siddhi karwaa via Intsagram

Drape it Differently

If you have spent a bomb on your wedding lehenga, it is only fair you wear it again! Break the monotony of that lehenga look and drape it differently. This will change the way your lehenga looks. For example, take the dupatta on the side and tuck it in with a belt. Drape it like a half saree, maybe. These are some styles of draping which will leave you carefree and you can enjoy the party too! 

tia bhuva saree |
tia bhuva on instagram

Hope this helps you to re wear your wedding lehenga with a new twist! 



Cover Image Source: WeddingNama