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Thoughts that go through your mind if its your best friend's wedding

12 Thoughts that every SINGLE girl you get to know its your Best Friend’s Wedding *Gulp*

There’s nothing like watching your BFF have the happiest day of her life. But you’re torn between two main emotions “WOW! My BEST FRIEND is getting married!” “OH GOD! My best friend is getting MARRIED!! WHY!”. Your brain works crazy overtime and so many thoughts cross your mind, here’s a few emotions you’re bound to find on the way to your Best Friend’s Wedding ⬇︎

12 Stages Every Girl goes Through When She gets to Know her BFF is Getting Married *from Yikes to YAY thoughts you have till your Best Friend’s Wedding Day

#1 Whoa! She’s getting married 😮

Say WHAAAAT? No! Really? For real? Stop!!!!!!

#2 I am so Happy for Her 😀

She’s FINALLY found the one and she’sgetting married. Yay! What could you possibly be, but extremely happy. Actually, on top of the world *Channels her inner Anil kapoor*

#3 I Can’t Believe She’s Getting Married….(Before Me) 😓

 Your Head says you’re super happy, but a teeny-weeny part of you is kind of disappointed you’re single SOLO. Tiny but true!

#4 Will this Mean we won’t Hang Out? *Gulp* 😥

Okay, hold on, we HAVE to still hang! I am all for sharing her, but she better not bail out on ‘our’ time. Midnight gossip is our ‘Thing”! *Hugs to never let go*

#5 Nah! She’s happy I’m happy! 😬

It’ll be fine, this just means one more person for the team. I hate it that you have a new ‘person’, but I AM happy for you. Plus, your Bestie’s wedding means I am going to be the main i.e., the Fav. Saali for life!

#6 Now that I’m happy, I gotta Share!! 😝

What picture should I post on FB to ‘officially’ congratulate her:I love ALL our pictures together. Oh! Wait, I’v got to put a couple picture too 😐😜

#7 Oooo Married = Wedding! 💃🏻

Wohooo! It’s going to be so fun! Step up your act, there’s a LOT of things you have to help your BFF with before the big day!

#8 Wait, Wedding = So many aunties to ask why you’re single? 🙈

O Damn, wedding mean, MEAN aunties! I can’t answer these single questions, I just CANT!

#9 Nothing better than being Single at a Wedding Right? *convinces self* 

Thank god I am still single. That means I can scout hot guys at the wedding #score! “Bwahahahaha!”*Mentally scans the guest list for great guys*

#10 And that Bachelorette! 😎

Hot guys reminds us, time to plan a crazyyyy bachelorette! Let’s get away from the city and kick some ass!

#11 I HAVE to nail the Dance 💃🏻

Totally imagining your Sangeet dance at your BFF’s Wedding in your pretty new dress, oh and you’re am dancing in the center if everyone hasn’t already guessed!

#12 I have NOTHING to Wear 😱

Hold on! What am I going to wear?? Need new outfits Stat! I cannot repeat clothes for HER wedding! #PanicAttack

Got to hit the malls, Non-stop shopping sessions. Shoes, make–up, 3 main outfits. 5 wedding back-ups.– is that too less??? Wait what were we talking about, I got lost in shopping!

Oh yeah, my Best Friend’s Wedding….loop Thoughts!

Come on! It’s totally true! We had this meltdown, so will you 😬. Tag the friend you KNOW will have this Panic attack/party mode!



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