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6 Fun Duties that you MUST Delegate to your BFF for her Best Friend’s Wedding!

Have you and your BFF grown up planning and imagining your weddings together? If yes, then it’s time to make those BFF goals real and hand over some fun responsibilities to your bestie, after all, its her best friend’s wedding!! We’ve shortlisted 6 super fun duties you can delegate to your BFF for major friendship feels 😬

Best Friend’s Wedding Duties you NEED to Delegate to your Mains ⬇︎

Bridesmaids it’s time to step up to the biggest BFF test and follow these duties at your best friend’s wedding to prove your friendship is the best 😋

Let your BFF be the Unpaid Wedding Photographer!

The day of your wedding is a day when your feelings (and POSES 😜) are intense. That’s the time when you can expect your BFF to turn into your personal photographer and that too, without any expense! This way, you don’t really need to wait for the photographer to post your favourites on social media 💖

Image Source – Design Aqua via Kiah and Ron’s Wedding

Get You Food, Dude ✨

Standing on that stage for hours, all you want to do is eat. But, at an Indian wedding making the couple nibble is quite a feat 🙈! While you’re smiling and touching what seems like 1000 feet, all you’re thinking about those hunger pangs! Just signal your BFF, ‘coz she’s all there to become your personal food vending machine and feed you whatever little you can manage to eat to make sure you stand on your feet. 🙌🏼

PS – She’s supposed to make sure you eat even when you’re waiting for the Baraat in your bridal suite 

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Your Touch up MUA

A girl always needs to powder her nose, so that she can slay every candid pose 😍. Get your BFF to carry your touch-up colours and help you out, to pretty up your pout! Psst – Here’s our ready to use kit that every bridesmaid should have handy!

Image Source – Instagram 

Sneak you a Drink *wink*

For all the girls who can’t drink in the open (‘coz what will aunties say 😥), to your rescue is your bestie aka original BAE. Let your BFF be your secret ganpath and give you the liquid courage you’ll need without anyone noticing 😉. But, remember to tell her not to give you too much courage 😂

Image Source – Design Aqua from Kia & Ron’s Wedding

Coordinating Gifts

Image Source – Pinterest

Make your BFF responsible for the gifts and giveaways. She’ll be on top of her bestie game, making sure everyone is hosted well, and all the right gifts are handed out to ALL the mains 😎

Co-ordinating the Bridesmaid’s Shoot

(c) Paran Singh Photography

A pre-wedding shoot starring your cute bridesmaids needs perfect co-ordination and some crazy imagination 😬. While you can spare some quality time for your super-beloved besties, let your BFF handle all the crazy planning and spill some cool bridesmaids pose ideas for the photoshoot.

There, just delegate these tasks and your BFF will deliver more than what you asked. So, tag your friends below to make sure they know ⬇︎



Featured Image Source – Snap Soul India