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Best Friend’s Wedding – A FEW TO DOs before she says I do!

We’ve all grown up discussing & planning our Best friend’s wedding. (it’s just a girls’ thing you know 😛). Chalking out a list (at least mentally 😇) of things you’ll do AT your best Friend’s wedding. But have you thought of what all you need to do BEFORE the big day? A lot we say! There’s a lot more that comes with all that planning and prep. Your bestie could use your help at every step! Not to forget all those bridal tantrums and mood swings (Think PMS x10)#SayWhaaaa! So, we at WittyVows tell you what you can do to keep that excitement intact and handle your BFF with full tact 😋.

Your Official Handbook to Things to do BEFORE your Best Friend’s Wedding 😎

Here’s the checklist of  things you could do WITH & FOR HER from the very day your BFF gets fixed to tell her you love her AND keep her Sane⬇︎

Join Fun Fitness Classes Together!

You know how every bride starts obsessing over her weight? So, who better to keep her going than her own BAE! Zumba, Pilates, Yoga or maybe just some running till her wedding day 😎

Tired after a great workout
(C)Soul to Sole Studio

Gift her a Bridal Shower

Call in all her girl-friends (even if you don’t approve of a few) Get the place decked up (& you can always add a bit of naughtiness to the décor), get the bachelorette games in place and GET YOUR BFF DRUNK at her own pace!😜 Don’t forget to get her a stellar bridal shower gift!

Bridal shower hamper

Make a Cheap Thrill Playlist

Think a top 20 playlist of all the songs you have been dancing on in all these years! Lift up the mood and wipe those tears when she tells you she had her first fight with hubby to be DEAR 😉 (#BrowniePointsEarned) 😋

Perfect DIY bridal shower
(c) Humna Raza Instagram

 A Surprise Date Night #Sizzle

Even jiju doesn’t know your BFF as much you do! So why not plan a date to one of the favourite restaurants /places on her list? Oh, & maybe you could just help him sneak in the house too 😈 Cue in the AWWWs 💖

Romantic date night during courtship
(C)Picture Destination via Studio Red

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Be her Cheer(s)Leader

Take the charge and surprise her with a bridal toast (#TotalRoast 😈) Shout out loud those crazy girl-gang stories!!

Indian Bachelorette party checklist | Indian bachelorette party ideas | hens party | Checklist for Indian Bridesmaids | Indian Bride and her bridesmaids with beer | Indian bride with friends
Photo by : Morvi Images

A Movie/TV Series Marathon

Go on a Bollywood Binge with a bottle of wine is all you to need to relax to the max! Because only you can remind her she’s too blessed to deal with all that marriage stress 😊

Pyjama Party
(C) Israni Photography

Show some (Lingerie) Love

Take her for some naughty lingerie shopping! Who better to help her choose what to wear so that jiju can’t help but stare 😉

Cumulated Lingerie for bride-to-be

Photo Via WedMeGood

That’s everything you need to do on the countdown to your Best Friend’s Wedding day and of course, also have a blast this way! All the bride’s reading this, tag your bestie so she knows what she’s got to do for you ⬇︎



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