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Corona Effect on Indian Weddings – How to Tackle Wedding Planning RN

It takes a lot to plan your big day no matter when your wedding date falls on the calendar. But if you’re having your wedding in middle of the corona virus spread, you might be worried about “how to it will go?” As we await on more info on COVID-19, here’s what you need to know and all steps to take to tackle wedding planning RN- Corona Effect on Indian Weddings!

Effect of Corona Virus on Weddings
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The Corona Effect on Indian Weddings & Tips to Tackle Wedding Planning RN

Delay Destinations!

If you had decided on having a destination wedding it is definitely advised to postpone your wedding till the situation is under control as travel to and fro would result in imposed quarantine and for few guests visa suspension will also have a big impact!

Message Template

Dear Friends and Family,

Due to the spread of corona virus, some changes have been made for the wedding. Keeping your safety in mind, we have decided to postpone the wedding in everyone’s best interest. We hope you understand that this is for everyone’s safety. We still wish to have your good wishes & blessings for our marital bliss. Hope to have a get together as soon as the situation improves.

Love, [Couple Names]

What happens to your deposits?

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Postponement – In case of postponement, most venue and wedding vendors would agree to adjust your deposit against the new booking date.

Cancellation – There is honestly no preset legal treatment for this. However, due to this pandemic, most of the effected countries are on lock down or the flights have been cancelled. In destinations where a lockdown is in place, most venues would return your deposits.

Change the venue

If the date can’t be shifted it’s be better to shift your wedding location to your home or to a temple, with limited guests involving only near and dear ones.

P.S Trust us, even home & temple weddings can be customised according to your taste with the best results. Check out this amazing temple wedding for more ideas.

Message Template

Dear Friends and Family,

Due to the growing alarm for the corona virus we have decided to host the wedding at home/our family temple keeping in mind everyone’s safety. This helps us ensure you are there to bless us without any fear or worry. We look forward to seeing you.

Love, [Couple Names]

Assess & Alter Your Guest List

With the wave of messages on WhatsApp and the panic right now a lot of invited guests would be feeling conflicted weather to attend or not. The responsible thing to do would be to send them a message to confirm attendance, relieving them of the social pressure to share their decision to attend or not. Since the Government too has suggested limiting gatherings as preventive measure, its your responsibility to tell your friends and family you will not take offence should they choose not to attend but a decision helps you plan better.

Message Template

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know our wedding is round the corner and since there is also growing concerns about social distancing as a precautionary measure for corona virus we want you to know that while we would love to have you with us at the wedding, we understand if you feel pressed to stay at home. We understand the concerns on safety at a time like and there is absolutely no hard feelings on your rsvp, your blessings for our wedding remain. We request you to please let us know if you would be able to attend as that would help us plan for catering and other pressing decisions.

Love, [Couple Names]

Go Vegetarian

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Alter your menus if you haven’t already. This is the best time to switch to vegetarian food. Avoid keeping non-veg items and make sure the food hygiene is exercised. It is well worth appointing a person to overlook this aspect separately from the family.

Add a New Kind of Photo Booth & Wedding Detail

While so many memes have been doing the rounds, masks and sanitisers are necessities in social gatherings now. So do your guests a kind favour and make disposable masks are available for your guests. Create ample hand-washing and sanitising stations around the venue.

Hold The Honeymoon!

Effect of Corona Virus on Weddings after getting married
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We know every couple dreams of their honeymoon but as tempted as you may be to convert this into a roadtrip/minimoon the best is to stay at home right now. After all, you did promise to protect each other in your wedding vows, so start now! Setup cute dates at home and get to know each other and your families well, till it’s safer to travel again!

What Happens To Your Bookings?

If you already have your tickets booked, in case of non refundable tickets you will be able to cancel minus a slight cancellation fee.

Tag someone whose wedding date is falling in March – May and help them find the way!


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