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Games To Play Online with Friends During The Lockdown

During this lockdown there is no where to go! ( literary! ) All of us have a lot of time in hand and with not much to do! Even though you love BAE, you still need some activity with them and even your friends to cut the day! How about some games to keep the atmosphere light and your spirits high? Here’s our list of super fun games to play from home! Yup, you can play these games online with friends during this corona virus lockdown so you stay sane and dont breakdown!


games to play online with friends | psch game to play #wittyvows
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This Ellen inspired party game is one of the favourites on our list, A trivia app where you make fake answers and ask your friends to spot the correct one – What fun!

Scrabble Go!

#wittyvows | games to play during corona virus with your friends and family
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Scrabble is a classic one on the list, this is a fun multiplayer app that you can play with your friends (who you can’t meet, you can defeat!)


games to play online with friends | psch game to play | ludo game to play #wittyvows #ludo
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This is everyone’s go-to game and now thanks to technology you can play ludo online with your friends on your home during the lockdown! Trust us its totally addictive!

Quiz Up

games to play online with friends | quiz up game to play #wittyvows
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Quiz Up is a fab multiplayer game in which one user competes against another during seven rounds of timed multiple-choice questions of various topics. You can play with friends or with any of millions of people playing this online rn (literally!) The best part, you can compete on all topics from capitals to Salman khan!


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This is a unique one on our list. LMK is an app that allows you to make questions on for your snapchat and ask everyone on your friends list cute questions 😛

UNO & Friends

games to play online with friends and family | uno and friends
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An UNO fan must check this out, playing uno online with friends will be fun without a doubt!

Carrom Pool

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You can play carrom now online and even with your friends in this multiplayer game which is now available on your phones Yay – Must try during these crazy times to cut your day!

Stick Cricket

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Yes, this one on the list is for the boys who want to play something amongst them!


games to play online with friends
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Wordscapes is a word puzzle video game with a mix of crossword puzzles at each step. Theres thousands of levels so you’re sure to be occupied for a LONG time!

Fun Side Note: For some extra time to kill, we have complied some offline games that you can play with your fam bam too!


The best part about this game is that you do not need more than a sketch book and some cues from online!

Mono Deal

We Love this card version of monopoly, its Quik and fun and just like in life right now – anything can happen!


An intense strategy game on building civilisations – at a time like this, its good practice too!

uno flip game #wittyvows

Uno flip  

A fun spin on regular UNO! Flip is a fab way to spend your day!

#wittyvows #jenga games to play during lockdown online and offline


This cute game is always fun, specially if you’re playing with your loved ones 😛

life game | baord games to play with online with friends

The Game Of Life 

If you cant step out in your car you might as well take your car for a ride on the board!

games to play online with friends | psch game to play #wittyvows sequence board game


A fun strategy game to play in small numbers!

Did you find your pick of ‘Games to play online with friends’ list, Do let us know which one is your fav offline or online game to kill time.. ⤵️

Featured Image Source – Shivani Sharma & WittyVows | Katrina Kaif Instagram