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Baraat wait survival 101 witty vows
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Baraat Wait: Survival 101. Tips Every Bride MUST Know!

Every bride spends months at end planning every detail of her wedding, waiting with anticipation for the wedding day to arrive. What bride’s often forget to plan for is literally the time they spend all dressed up, waiting for the uber excited baraat to finally pipe down and realise the mahurat was about 4 hours back  😒🙈

Yes, we said it! The baraat by Indian wedding standard time is never on time 🕒!

So we’ve rounded up a list of essentials every Bride MUST plan for to ensure she endures this wait effortlessly and comes out looking dapper still! Listen up bridesmaids, there’s a lot in here for you to help with!


Keep them handy for sure, our pretty bride must never be parched! We have got to ensure she gets a tall drink of water without ruining her pretty pout 👄!

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baraat wait survival kit witty vows


At the bridal suite, call for several extra pillows to help create a lofty back support for her and make her comfortable sitting in all her 40 Kg lehengha and dupatta glory.

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baraat survival tips witty vows


Now that she has the diamond, these are her new best friends! She’ll need plenty of them as every time she rustles up a new pose, she faces the danger of displacing her ensemble that the stylists very carefully arranged 🙂

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Safety Pins for baraat survival wittyvows


The easiest way for her to use all that waiting time is to pose to her heart’s content, but after a while all that posing with photographers does get exhausting! So get a selfie stick and spend some quality time on crazy candid shots with the bride squad so that she can pose with the girls without craning her neck !

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Selfie bride surviving the baraat witty vows


Keep a BB cream/ foundation handy for all the damage she will do to her base when she constantly pulls out that gorgeous nath (coz every bride knows how uncomfortable that gets) and then puts it on again on loop (because she just can’t stand the thought of getting clicked without it :P) and repeat! So get that foundation to coverup the indent the nath creates and make sure she looks absolutely dapper when its time to go!

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Foundation for the nath wittyvows

foundation for the nath wittyvows baraat wait survival


Yes ,she spent a lot of time deciding on her not so practical, oh so pretty wedding shoes and was thoughtful enough to plan for another still pretty and more practical pair, but believe you me, what she needs here is a comfortable pair of slip on heels. These could be butt ugly, however, she will need the comfort they provide without ruining all the bichiyas when she takes her 15 min loo breaks :P. And trust us, there will be plenty of those loo runs!

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baraat survival kit witty vows


Eat girl! Please! Its be hours before your prince charming comes in and few more hours before all the rituals finish, leading to your wedding dinner. The best thing in the suite is room service! After all you don’t want to be HANGRY on your Wedding Day! 🍲

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eat food while waiting for the baraat


To drink or not to drink, that is the question! Some brides may find a miniature bottle of a little something something comforting…If you want to, you can totally take a shot, coz you’re about to tie the knot! 🍸

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liquid courage for the baraat wait survival wittyvows


Erm, So he took so long you had to send away your makeup artist. No worries, you have your girls, they’ll help you out. While you may think you are covered with having makeup handy…think again! The key to refreshing your makeup is the brushes! Make sure you have them and also get your most trust worthy bridesmaid upto speed with the make up artist for a quick tutorial on refreshing your prettiness. This way you will look not just stunning but simply flawless on your big day/night.

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So you are nervous, tired, wired, excited, hangry (We told you to call room service!) perhaps even a little impatient (trust me, all this goes away the minute you set eyes on your man :P) but with that emotional roller coaster ride it’s not surprising that you have a tough time sitting still to get the perfect touch up. Before you know it, a tiny make up smear on your perfect face! YIKES!

No worries, there’s nothing a dab of vaseline can’t solve…vaseline is magic to remove selective makeup without spoiling all the rest, making it a must have in your survival kit.

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Vaseline - makeup corrector witty vows


You are pretty, the makeup is flawless, your outfit is a bomb, everything is spot on…only, all those hours of waiting made you a tad nervous. Oops! now what – don’t worry keep your wedding avatar fresh with your wedding perfume handy! Just a soft spritz before you leave the room, and you are all set!

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perfume before you leave witty vows


Never, ever try to sit through the baraat wait without your Best Friends. We repeat, do not try this at home. Or in the suite or hotel or farm or wherever you get married – just DON’T! The most important element in your wait survival kit is your best friends and family. Keep them by your side and the wait will effortlessly slide! 👭

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baraat wait survival 101 - with friends wittyvows

Lastly when you set your eyes on Your Man you will forget about all the Waiting. 💖 😍


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