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Super Cool Ways For Groomsmen to Rock Matching Outfits For Indian Weddings 🕺🏼

What’s are Indian weddings without your mains? Your fam bam and your BFF’s standing by you looking dapper in a frame! The big day ain’t big enough without your brothers (both from your own and another mother!) aka friends and cousins, who’ve seen your love story and even been your love gurus and wing-men. It’s only fair you make sure your crew stands out in matching outfits and everyone knows they’re your best men.  Here’s some fab ideas to get your best boys match. P.S each one is designed to ensure they look like they’re quite a catch. 😛

groomsmen in matching outfits
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Ways In Which Groomsmen Can Rock Matching Outfits At Indian Weddings

Matching Waistcoats and Reflectors | Mehendi

Everyone knows the day mehendi is super fun, so get your gang coordinated colourful Nehru jackets over pathani kurtas so they’re recognised by everyone! Hand them some cool reflectors for the Mehendi function please and watch the bride’s brigade go weak in knees!

Matching Pocket Squares | Engagement

brides best man in matching blue outfits | indian wedding diaries
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When your bros suit up, gift them some serious slick swag, get coordinated pocket squares for them to flaunt! Their signature dash of colour over suits is sure to spruce up things, it’ll look fab when they’re stand in a line while you exchange the rings!   

PS – Try a puffed fold for them all, this flamboyant finish will make every girl fall!

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Lapel Pins and Badges | Cocktail Night

groomsmen in matching outfit
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Get your guys in on trends and gift them matching lapel pins. It’s the perfect way to let them stand out with a dash of bling that’s totally in!

PS – Get these customised to something that’s a group thing!

Matching Stole and Saafas | Wedding Day

While saafas for the baraati’s are age old, why not get your boys some special colours paired with baraati badges so that everyone’s sold! Let your best men flaunt their side, with saafas and bandhgalas matching for the best friends of the groom/bride! *MATCHING*

Matching T-shirts & shoes |Haldi

Hand your chaddi buddies the matching T-shirt to create havoc with these handsome hunks at the Haldi. Go one up and make the t-shirts yellow for your main fellows! Pair this with colourful, matching converse shoes to battle your commitment blues!

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Walky-Talkies | Joota Chuari

walky talky | indian groomsem at wedding | boys at duty
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Ahem! Your boys are slick, there’s no denying, why not get them some 007 swag that every girl will be eyeing! Get them some radio Walky-talkies for the phera time, so that they show your saalis, they mean business when it comes to the joota chori crime!  Totally sure to make the girls forget their mission jooti and make room for some serious flirting and frisson! *Drooling*

Tag your groomsmen and let them know about the super cool ways in which they can rock their matching outfits.


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