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Head over HEELS – The Wedding Shoes Survival Guide for Every Indian Bride

Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life, especially on the day you’re becoming a wife! EVERY girl loves her heels, regardless of how painful wearing them all day feels. We get your shoe love and so we’ve got you some amazing wedding shoes hacks, that’ll make sure you can wear these stunners without breaking your back!

Wedding Shoes | Indian Wedding Heels
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Tried & Tested Tips For When You Wear Your Wedding Shoes !

Wedding Shoes | Wedges for Indian Bride
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Score Your Heels

You can laugh your ass off but this definitely works. A great hack for slippery heels, is rubbing the bottom of your heels with sandpaper to walk without slipping.

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Scope the Slope

Buy a heel that has a gradual slope & not a sudden height. This will save you a world of pain after the big night!

Wedding Shoes | INDIAN Bridal footwear
Footwear by: Blinkk by Vasavi & Smita

20 Minutes Time Out Pleaseee

Wedding Shoes | Indian bridal heels
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Sit every twenty minutes to take the weight off your feet – that’s a fashion rule. Don’t be a fool! The wedding might get over in a week but your feet are going to keep smarting for a long time later! PS – Rather than the ones with a buckle strap, slip on heels are be a great choice for this!

Wedding Shoes | Platform Heels
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Break It In

If you must buy a slightly small size (emphasis on SLIGHTLY) ‘coz you’re in love with the design. Apply vaseline on your heels and on the shoe rim and wear the shoe in your room to break it in! For non leather ones, add in ice packs or blow dry them to open them up for good!

Seal your Heel for Shoe Bites!

Leave the vicarious lifestyle for after the wedding, not planning for shoe bites is a decision you’ll surely be dreading. It’s newton’s 4th Law, new shoes = shoe bites. Add cotton balls to the back of your feet or a band aid to avoid cuts. You can also go with add on soles to save your feet from blisters.

Tape Up Your Toes

Here’s a bonafide heel hack models use – taping the 3rd and 4th toe reduces the pressure on the balls of the feet therefore reducing foot abuse!

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Look at The Location

If you know the wedding is going to take place outdoor, go for platforms or wedges so you don’t sink into the muddy floor! You CAN still rock it with your super stunning outfit!

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Bring a Backup

When you feel that you can take no more, swap your heels with juttis or sneakers. Confide in your flats to reduce YOUR wear & tear.  Let them make you feel at your best ‘coz a couple of hours into the function your feet will be craving rest!

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