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Planing a Fab Home Wedding Corona Virus Edition!

With the corona virus epidemic doing the rounds, you just cannot have a big fat Indian wedding during this outbreak and we know its scary! For all you couples considering tying the knot atm one of the most viable options is to have a home wedding A.K.A an intimate scene. Well, here we are with ways in which this too can be one of the prettiest weddings to be seen! Yup, theres so many ways in which you can make a home wedding amazing too, we’ve got them all for you!

Ideas & Tips To Plan a Home Wedding During Corona Virus Scare…

Effect of Corona Virus on Weddings after getting married
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If you’re bummed out that the wedding is a small home affair, dont be! From top blogger brides to influencers many have done this well and you too can bookmark their ideas and small DIY decor touches to make yours a fab affair!

Your Drawing Room = Your Mandap Area!

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Lets start with lay outing first. The prettiest home weddings can take place in your garden or living room! heck backyard weddings are extremely popular in the west and they do come out best! Even your drawing room can be the perfect fit for your mandap or any poojas during your wedding with the perfect home hosting vibe! Take a cue from blogger Deepika Ghosh’s wedding held in her nani’s drawing room ⤵️

Fab Bridal Entries!

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For a full Bollywood type feel, you can you use the staircase at home for an entry you can truly own! Pull off PeeCee levels of fab with a long veil to match!

Dreamy Backdrops

Sitting together under what may seem like awkward focus, a cosy corner is what you need to soothe your nerves and eyes! Create dreamy backdrops from the scratch by adding attractive ribbon strings together for a real pretty ribbon wall. Dress those chairs some ribbon backs too (Old school but still so pretty & easy to do!) #WrappedwithLove 😀 – Another fab idea is to do your jaimala under the wall of family portraits

Chalk out your Aww-story 

(Literally!) Keep a chalkboard at the entrance and near photobooth area ( mus have for a home wedding!) to amp up your house without doing much taam-jhaam!

But first, take a selfie ..

Set up a photo booth or setup a wall of frames, paper fans or just anything.. Make this space the area where everyone can get bomb photos Aka, your literal candid corner!  You can get beautiful backdrops by using flowers , kites, umbrellas, combine it with a cutesy counter for hand sanitizer…Imp Imp! Add wedding duo photo both*

A Wedding That’s Strung Together

You can never go wrong with floral strings for home decor. Do this in abundance with any one style repeatedly and we promise you’ll have a gorgeous looking space, no matter where! Best part, there’s so many styles to choose from!

Lights will guide you home ..

This definitely turns out to be our favourite DIY décor idea for your house wedding! Light up your special day with some fairy lights! use these lights to beautfy your mandap, or use it as centrepieces for tables, just about anything! Whether you want to brighten up the floor or just light up the lobby, keep fairy lights in your sight!

Tall, Bright and Handsome

Call it the décor version of a perfect guy ;)! The key to making the space look good is to dress up all your levels and surfaces at different heights. Put marigold strands at areas like the staircase or the entrance.

Get cute with signages

You can use different- different signages – at the entrance , bridesmaid holding while the bride enters or where you will be serving F&B – **keep the bit about the ghar ka Khanna , mummy ka halwa, papa ki bar, shaadi wali nahi, ghar ki cofffee stuff **.

Did you get an inspiration you need to pull the perf decor for a Home wedding during corona virus epidemic ?

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