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Slow New Dance Songs For The Perfect Bridal Solo Dance That’ll Leave Everyone Spellbound !

Planning to have the most mesmerising bridal solo dance performance? Well, Wittyvows is right here at your service. We’ve curated the freshest collection of the most beautiful slow songs that’ll take your bridal solo dance to a whole new level!! Have a look 😉

Fab Slow Dance Songs For The Perfect Bridal Solo Dance *swoon*

These magical slow tracks are perfect for your dreamy bridal solo dance. Offbeat, elegant and simply enchanting – Add ’em on your wedding playlist & slay your big day!! *winks*

Ve Maahi

The female version of ‘Ve Maahi‘ is such a soulful composition ever. The melodious background music is the perfect way to tell bae how you feel!

Mere Sohneya

Looking for a track that shows your passion in a slow reverb way? Well, here you go ! ‘Mere Sohneya‘ is a pure love song, perfect for your sweet dance performance 🙂

Lagan Laagi Re

The magic of traditional Sufi strings, with a hint of the adorable peppy beats- ‘Lagan Laagi Re‘ is one of a kind ! (PS- This is just perfect for our super traditional brides, who love folk music..)

Saiyaan + Thousand Years

How about the fusion of the two gems – you can never go wrong with this one… (PS – If you’re the lovey dovey kinda bride, this one’s a perfect for you )

Piya Ghar Aavenge

The female cover of – ‘Piya Ghar Aavenge‘ is a complete masterpiece ! If you were looking for a way to tell BAE he’s your world – look no further 🙂

Wedding Mashup (Kabira, Latthe Di Chadar, Madhaniya, Dilbaro )

A little something special for our modern desi brides ;). This Mashup of Kabira, Latthe Di Chadar, Madhaniya & Dilbaro– is the ultimate wedding hit that touches all the right chords (pun intended :P)

Chaap Tilak

We’re so in love with this underrated gem ! The soft encore music & the vintage charm of ‘Chaap Tilak‘ is something to live for…

Piya Tose Naina Laage Re

We love this cover of evergreen ‘Piya tose naina laage re‘…(PS- It is THE perfect pick for a shy & coy bridal dance performance )


Slow beats with meaningful lyrics – thats why we love Jogi as an offbeat and unheard choice in this list.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan – Devangi’s Cover

We always loved Jasmeen royal’s Kho Gaye hum kahaan but hearing devangi’s version literally gave us the goose pimples!

So what’re you waiting for ? Get ready for your dreamy bridal solo dance. And yes, do tell us your one !



Featured Image Source : (C) Pinterest | (C) Wedding Tulips