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Bridal Services at WittyVows 

Founded by a wedding designer, WittyVows is India’s most authentic wedding community to help millennial brides design their dream wedding.  Here you’ll find the best wedding inspiration, handpicked wedding vendors and a host of bridal services for your big day. YAY!

1. Wedding PR & Couple Page Management & Hashtag Builder!

If it’s not on social media did it even happen? This is THE most important social event in your life. For this special day, we offer India’s first wedding social media team to cover your wedding with trendworthy Instagrams and make your wedding day, viral the right way! Our team of social media experts and photographers captures the best moments for your instagram, crafts your hashtag and creates your wedding page, making your wedding looks stunning and is a total a social (media) rage! Contact us to know more!

2. Wedding Consultation & Planning

As the only wedding community founded by a wedding designer, we offer a unique personal consultation program for every aspect of your wedding. Wouldn’t it be great to have a wedding expert to guide you through ALL of your wedding planning woes? Well, that’s exactly what we offer!
Want to book your consultancy session? Reach out here

3. Real Wedding Features

Last but not the least, we feature all beautiful weddings on our page ‘Brides of WittyVows’ 🙂 Head here to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions, run though the FAQs section below. If you don’t find what you need, ask us 🙂


Do you do photography?

Yes! Our team captures the best moments from your functions and shoots for social media and then presents them in a stunning manner!

Do you have a Vendor List?

Nope! We don’t list vendors. There’s more to selecting a vendor than budgets. That’s where we come in – We match vendors to your specific personality and requirements. Yes, planning is super stressful. What you need isn’t a list of vendors (that’s something you can google) What you can’t google, is which one of them is the right match for YOU.That’s that we do 🙂

Okay so I’m totally stressed and I don’t know what to do. I have a million questions, What all can I ask you?

First things first, girl you’ve got to breathe! Remember you’re too blessed to be stressed. Find your inner bridechilla (There’s some fab articles here on that too 😇). As for your queries, we’ll here to consult you, that means for the sessions you sign up for we’re going to answer questions on outfits, decor, relationship, entry ideas and what have you. How to match your outfit to Bae? What colour works best with your skin tone? What songs to dance on? How long should the dance be so that people don’t get bored? Where to find a budget hack for a designer outfit? How to choose the perfect outfit for YOUR body type? Where to get those adorable pompom bird hangings that you saw in your friend’s wedding? What all should your hotel provide? What all should their contract include? Where to find something fun and frisky for the first night? Or even how to use what your friends got you for the bachelorette? 😈 As we said, ANYTHING.

I’m single, is it weird that I am totally into you?

Oh Honey! Of course it’s not! That just means you have great taste 😉. WittyVows isn’t just for brides, It’s for every wedding lover out there. Infact, there’s tons of wedding guest and BFF hacks that we dish out every week (to help nail it @ your bestie’s wedding) Plus, you never know when cupid strikes, all those pre wedding hacks are pure gold for you, so it’s good to be hooked before you’re booked 😇 #HeadStart

I’m now Married, but I LOVE your stuff…I want to continue reading, but, how do I use WittyVows now that I’m married?

Awww…we love you too! And congrats on your wedding, I bet it was magic and much more. So firstly, be a part of our badass inspiring brides and submit your wedding for a real wedding feature stat! This way you’ll be an inseparable part of WittyVows and your story will inspire sooo many brides to be. YAY! As for what all you can take back as a newly wed? Girl! WittyVows is your main mag for marriage – both before AND after that dream of a wedding 😍. We were there by your side for your courtship jitters and will also stand by you as you experience every single first after the wedding. Be it what to gift your new hubby *blush* for his birthday or how to ace your phera dinners or even steamy stuff between the sheets 😈, we’ll always have ideas for you that are oh so neat! BTW we even have a community called Shaadi Struggles to help you ace all the problems after your big day! xx Team WittyVows …

We also have freshly minted two sister communities called Shaadi Struggles for anonymous post wedding advice and Brides Of WittyVows for all real features that delight!


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