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LETS FACE IT – Choosing the Right Mathapatti for Your Face Shape! 🙄

Accessories are the Exclamation Point of a Woman’s Outfit and if the said outfit is your Wedding Joda then this exclamation is Super Critical ‼️ One of the best things about being an Indian bride is wearing the Indian Jewellery 💎. But, you must ensure you choose the correct kind of bridal bling in this case, the Mathapatti/Tikka. Wondering, How !?

Lets Face IT – Stylists Reveal the Best way to pair the Correct Pick for your Face Shape!

Our Face Shapes can be Broadly Classified into 6 types – Square, Round, Triangular, Oblong, Oval, Diamond and Heart. We’ve got insider scoop on the Right Headgear Pairing for Each Shape!

To begin, First Identify Your Face Shape. If you need any help with this Refer to this Post.

Now that you know your Face Shape lets hear what Experts say You Should Wear:



If you have a square face silhouette, you will be gifted with a Strong Brow Line, Striking Cheekbones and a Sharp Jawline. Your choice of headgear should work on softening these features. Go asymmetrical and pick styles that add dimension to one side rather than keeping the focus in the centre. Pick a beautiful jhoomar/passa or even wear a one sided Mathapatti which will bring out your Best Features!

Your Celeb Face Match : Kareena Kapoor

Headgear mathacpati match for indian bride | curated by witty vows


Those with a Round Shape should always think Long, Thin and Graceful. You want to wear delicate jewellery that will off-sets the Fullness of your Face. Narrow mathapattis or small tikkas are a good idea to not only balance your face shape, but also create that desirable illusion of Length. Another good choices for you would be a Choti in lieu of Heavy Forehead Adornment.

Your Celeb Face Match : Sonakshi Sinha

Headgear mathacpati match for indian bride | curated by witty vows


If this is your face shape, then you want to focus on Narrowing your Forehead. To do this,  you keep your headgear medium in length so as to show the right forehead space. Look at medium tikkas/bodlas or a multi-layer string based head ornament.

Your Celeb Face Match : Dia Mirza

triangle face headgear for the indian bride wittyvows-01


If you have an oblong face, you want to pick styles that hide all that length and play on accentuating the width of your face. For you Large Bold styles are BEST, that will cover more space on your forehead. A broad elaborate mathapatti is a perfect pick. However, avoid any forehead ornament which has angular motifs. Small or large round pendant ones are a good idea.

Your Celeb Face Match : Katrina Kaif

correct head ornamants and mathapatti for indian brides with an oblong face shape witty vows-01


This is considered the easiest kind of face to accessorize, Since it complements most kinds of jewellery. It’s natural symmetry makes this face type easy to play with a variety of styles. The only thing you must remember is not to crowd your natural symmetry with too much please!

Your Celeb Face Match : Sonam Kapoor

Jewellery to match indian brides with an oval face witty vows copy


We have one word for you – Cheekbones! This is your Best Feature ladies, Dress to highlight it.  Try not to wear extremely Broad Forehead ornaments as that will draw attention from your Face Centre.

Your Celeb Face Match : Malaika Arora

jewellery for indian brides with diamond face shape witty vows-01


Since this face shape is all about the Pointed Chin and the Wider Forehead, pick jewellery that will soften and create the illusion of a longer face and highlight that jawline. It is better to wear Shorter/medium maang tikkas with a dainty element of Trinkets/Dangles. Mixed multilayer Mathapattis are also a Good Pick for you.

Your Celeb Face Match : Deepika Padukone/Alia Bhat

jewellery for indian brides with a heart shaped face witty vows-01

Now that you know how to pair the mathapatti here’s a Cheat Code to the necklace and earrings pairs.


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