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7 Super Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas from Real Couples that’ll make you Swoon! (Boys take Notes)

Bored of the old, clichéd wedding proposal ideas? Fret Not! We’ve got you some fantabulously unique wedding proposal ideas which are sure to make your S.O go ‘Yaass!’ So make way for these perfect proposal ideas from couples that had their cuteness level on point 😍

Real Couples whose Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas had us Swooning all Over 💖⬇︎

Super Cute Sketches and Personal Websites!

We love how cartoonist Alicia proposed to her now husband George,  by making super cute doodles about their life and putting them all on a website called dearest George when she asked to be his wife! Swoon!!!  💖 Alicia even drew out handmade love notes and asked George the big question with a box of super colourful Archies style rings *so cute*

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Source : Dearestgeorge.com

Trippin’ Together ✈️

Pack your bags and surprise your S.O in by popping the question when on vacation! That’s what Lalima did. She made sure her fiancé, Siddhant traveled halfway around the world to Masai Marai, and popped the wedding question on a picnic there! The beautiful romantic backdrop of Masai Mara makes our jaw drop and makes us go totally ‘awww!’

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Source : idiva.com

Capture it in a Caricature 💏

Another bunch of unique wedding proposal ideas you could use is sit down to pose for a caricature and let the artist draw a proposal instead! The cute proposal by Masoom Minawala’s fiancé, Shailin on Marine drive, with a live sketch recreating their first meet in London is just next level wedding proposal goals! Heck, even we screamed yes when we saw this one 😜

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Source : wedmegood.com

SAY it with Scrabble!

Does your S.O love Scrabble? Plan a wedding proposal idea where you ask them on a special date night so you can do it right! Abhineet did exactly that, and waited for Nilma as she landed in her office after a hectic flight! He decorated the office with a handmade photo tree, dressed with lights and made dinner for the perfect night! Finally, he popped the question with the help of Scrabble tiles! What a great marriage proposal idea – to literally spell out your love for your fiancé to be? * BRB, crying because of the adorable-ness overboard* ✨

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Source : Via Wedmegood

Be Pawdorable!

We all know you adore your pet! Make your unique wedding proposal ideas extra unique by including your adorable furball. Get him/her to  present the ring to the love of your life! For Mitali and Ali, including their dog Pantu in the wedding proposal was definitely essential! They even took one step further and made their pet  a part of their wedding celebrations! Pawwdorablee, truly! 😇

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Source: WeddingNama

Spell it Out

Old, but gold! Ask your friends to help out in holding placards/balloons while you get down on one knee to ask your S.O! Zeshawn made sure his fiancé to be, Sara had the most unusual marriage proposal ever with her friends singing songs and totally playing along! 💝

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Source : Huqa Live

Full on Bollywood Style Surprise!

Recreate your love for Bollywood and cheesy-ness by surprising your S.O and plan a fake farewell like Karan did! His proposal was one of a kind where he led Sonia Astray and surprised her at a party with all their loved ones the same night! Karan’s relatives had gathered around and led her to a very ecstatic Karan, who got down on his knees and asked her the big question, as another relative captured these cute moments on video! So much desi pyaar and unique wedding proposal ideas! AWW ! :’) ❤️

After seeing these proposals we’re sure you’ve got all the inspiration you need to pop your own question is a way thats perfect and even get some adorable photos for your social feed! For those tired of dropping hints, tag you S.O. in the comments Below ⬇︎