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Diamond hathphools & bracelets
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Diamond Haathphool & Bracelet Designs Trending RN

The traditional haathphool – once a staple in all royal wardrobes has got a modern makeovers and brides today are loving its new avatar! These traditional pieces that connected the ring to the bracelet are now back in vogue but with a twist – yes, not with kundan, polki or gold – brides now are donning haathphools with diamonds on their wrist! Here are our favourite Diamond Haathphool & Bracelet Designs that real brides wore!

Diamond Haathphool & Bracelet Designs In Trend Right Now!

Customized Diamond Haathphool in shapes that are Cool!

Unique bridal hathphool design in  diamond
(c): CoolBluez Photography

One of our favourites are haathphools customised in pretty unique shapes. Our bride here is flaunting a stunning spider haathphool with eyes in ruby too!

The Delicate Single Line Harness

simple diamond hand harness
(c): Real Bridal Submission by Vaishali

A dainty single line of diamonds that connect your ring to your diamond bracelet is not just a pretty trending design but also can be reused as a tennis bracelet after the wedding! *win win*

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Hathphool Inspired from Floral Designs

Flowers and leaves have been active inspiration for h=jewellery designs for a long time. we love how these brides have worn delicate haathphools that are elegant & classy. This is perfect to wear on engagement or reception day for those newly wed vibes.

The Double Studded Line Haathphool

Small diamonds set together neatly in a double line create a beautiful haathphool design! This gives this harness a beautiful chain like design and as always, you can reset this into a necklace or bracelet as you wish!

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Offbeat Modern Designs

stunning and uniquely designed hand harness | Diamond Haathphool & Bracelet Designs
(c): Outhouse Jewellery

If your idea of jewellery is something different and unique then you must consider taking this trend the modern way, right to your mehendi day *swoon*

All Stone Diamond Harness

all studded diamond hand harness | Diamond Haathphool & Bracelet Designs
(c): Indiantrend Handcrafted Jewellery

Nothing can beat the glamour of this henna inspired diamond hand harnesses. Break it up later into a ring, mathapatti and a bracelet *super cool* Perfect for your cocktail night!

The Middle Eastern Magic

elegant hathphool ideas trending rn
(c): Jewellery By Stuti

Also trending right now are haathphools with a middle eastern full harness. daintily made like woven fabric – these haathphools are all glamour!


Featured Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography, Richa Parekh Photography & Armana’s Art