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WittyVows Makeup Masterclass
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Everything That We Did In Our WittyVows Makeup Masterclass in Delhi!

We’re going to start this one by saying a BIG thank you to all of you for making our first makeup master class such a roaring success! Like all of you know this was the first time we met our bride to be’s in person to help solve their dilemmas of makeup in the best possible way –  by hosting them for a makeup masterclass all day! And all our girls attending got a chance to not only understand makeup but also spend time with our handpicked team and ask their individual issues to get their say. For all those who’re sad that they couldn’t attend, we’ve got you all the details on what we did with our fab Mua friends!

Everything We did at the WittyVows Makeup Masterclass in Delhi

Mehul Bodh teaching his batch how to set the base for eye makeup on puneet

We got two of our top makeup artists – Mehul Bodh (Ms. WittyVows’ very own wedding MUA) and Manleen Puri (our total fav.) to teach a highly personalised class (with one on one consultation for the first time ever!) covering makeup basics right from contouring to smokey eyes at such an affordable price. We did something thats not done before – let your jobs drop to the floor 😛.

EVERY girl got personal recommendations of what products they should to use, what to change in their makeup kit and answers to personal problems like hiding their zit! They even practiced the looks taught side by side, with our fab MUA as their personal guide. We literally made sure they have all the skills they need, to look gorgeous not just on the wedding day but before and after! Our favourite part, every girl in the class got a goodie bag from juicy chemistry that we’ve been crushing on from the start 😍

Inside the WittyVows Makeup Masterclass Class

The looks we learnt – Each batch learnt a complete day look and party look too!

What all Did our Makeup Artists Answer?

Mehulgiving personal recommendations to his batch based on their skin!

“Why does my skin look grey after applying foundation” | “I can’t apply eye makeup without ruining the rest of the face!”

Manleen helping her batch practice alongside

“Why does my skin look yellow after using the best products for base too?” | “My lipstick doesn’t stay!”

“What kind of brushes do I use where?” | “Contouring looks very different in you tube videos, I can never get it right!”

All our students eagerly jotting down their notes!

We answered all these and more, not only personal consultation our class had so much in store!

Bridal Bonus!

Here’s what else we had, not just celeb makeup artists our entire team was pretty rad. All the girls had a chance to meet one of India’s top Female Photographers –  Priyanka Kamboj at Design Aqua Studio and see her in action. And because she also learnt some amazing makeup hacks, we even saw her fab reactions 😛  

Each of the girls went home with the Juiciest hamper with with the two of Juicy Chemistry’s best selling essentials for their pre wedding makeup routine. A de-tanning mask and a fab serum to make their skin glow, if that isn’t a double whammy then we don’t know!

Meet the Happy Makeup Lovers aka the participating girls

Our girls from one batch with their super MUA and their goodies from Juicy Chemistry!

EVERYONE was super happy with what they learnt. For the first time ever this was a class that actually helped and not just a stunt 😍😇

“It was great, I got to learn so much about the products, I’ll definitely do it again!” – Ridhima

“They gave us such genuine product reviews and everyone was so friendly, it was great” – Vaneet

“it was amazing, they way they taught was amazing, about how to use minimal makeup to look the best. I had a kit but I never knew how to use it. They taught in such a very good and simple way!” – Bhawna

The class in progress

Here’s the Full Fab Team from WittyVows’ Makeup Master Class:

Makeup Artists – Mehul Bodh & Manleen PuriOutfits – Sarita Chaddha OfficialPhotography – Design Aqua StudioVenue – The Oberoi Maidens | Skincare Goodies – Juicy Chemistry!