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must have brushes for indian makeup for every bride
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Makeup Guide for Every Indian Bride – Face Brushes Essentials & where to buy them!

Did you just start making all your Wedding shopping List for your makeup kit? Overwhelmed at all the makeup ‘basic’ brushes you HAVE to buy (recommended by your aspiring Indian Makeup artist friends and pretty much everyone on Instagram)? And to be honest, what to actually use them for? 😳

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‘You can’t achieve good Makeup without good tools’- Francois Nars.

Damn right! But the guide to good brushes for Indian makeup for brides doesn’t didn’t really exist…till now! 😎

So don’t brush those doubts under the carpet, check out our guide and brush em off your list! We’re giving you the lowdown on makeup Basics you actually NEED to do flawless make up. Brushes you can actually buy from stores in India or online easily starting with Face brushes. We’ve even made a mix of budget brushes to go easy on your pocket. These will make sure your make up look is trending on point, oh so easily!  💗

Lets FACE it – Indian Bridal makeup guide with Face brush essentials for every Bride ⬇︎

must have brushes for indian makeup for every bride

Mac Duo Fibre Face Brush

What to use it for: To apply liquid/cream based foundation.

Why THIS Brush: It feels super Soft, and it can also be used for Blending (insta trend alert!). An Indian Makeup essential because it gives an airbrushed look when used for blending. I know it is a little expensive but, this brush is an investment you should make.

Indian Makeup guide brush - MAC duo fibre brush review

Where to buy: Your closest MAC store

Price: ₹₹₹₹

Pro Tip: Take it with you for your makeup sessions or trials if you have sensitive skin. Your MUA will need it and its good to use your own brush always!

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

What to use it for: Well, you need a brush to apply your sun kissed look!

Why THIS Brush: This is an investment cause it is a bronzer AND a blush brush. It is super soft and has a really long life if stored & cleaned properly. (getting married=more parties=more makeup=more brush maintenance, told you marriage was more responsibility!) It picks up all the product amazingly, but doesn’t leave creases or lines when applied. The round shape and size is perfect for the apple of your cheeks. And also for highlighting Cheek bones, nose, forehead and jawline. PRO Tip: if you buy the bronzer brick from Bobbie Brown, you will get the brush for free 😍 yeyeye

Indian Makeup guide brush - Bobi Brown bronzer review

Where to buy: The flagship outlet in Select City Walk, Delhi

Price: ₹₹₹₹

Sephora Pro Contour Brush

What to use it for: To highlight and also to literally scribble on your face aka make contouring lines from all your fav makeup videos. Psst- Just don’t forget to blend!! 😜

Why THIS Brush: Our in-house makeup queen Shruti picked this out ‘coz its super easy to use! (Beginner Bride Bonus!) Angular brushes are actually super hard to use for beginners and this makes it easy.

Indian Makeup guide brush - sephora pro contour- review

Where to buy: Your Nearest Sephora Store

Price: ₹₹₹

MAC Powder Brush

What to use it for: To get a legit reason to call a washroom a powder room Erm no! To use loose power on your face and seal the foundation and concealer.

Why THIS Brush: Fluffiness of the brush helps it pick even Mineral powder and loose blush easily!

P.s. You can use this Brush to apply blush as well!!

Indian Makeup guide brush - Mac powder blush review

Where to buy: Your closest MAC store

Price: ₹₹₹₹

Real Technique Beauty Blender – Budget Buy!

What to use it for: Everyone HAS dark circles, specially newly weds cause you are up late for ‘shenanigans’. Those who don’t, just have a great beauty blender !

Why THIS Brush: It’s perfect for hiding blemishes (or hickeys) and its edges of the Blender can also be used for contouring! Double whammy! Make this blender your beauty BFF asap.

Indian Makeup guide brush - Real technique beauty blender review

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: ₹₹

Elf Kabuki Brush

What to use it for: It is used to apply loose face power or can also be used as a buffer for an airbrushed look. You can also use this brush to apply loose bronzer.

Why THIS Brush: You have to have it cause its just sooo Fluffyyyy. It pampers your skin in the best way possible.

P.S. The Elf brush is super soft and a STEAL for the price. We’re Sold on it!

Indian Makeup guide brush - Elf Kabuki Brush review

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: ₹₹

If you have these essentials from our Indian makeup guide, you’re going to be more than sorted to DIY your makeup for those endless social parties, ‘firsts’, phera dinners and dates with bae and look downlight smashing!

must have brushes for indian makeup for every bride

PSST!  Are you are new to the world of Makeup and don’t want to splurge too much? You can also just simply pick up the starter face brush kit from real techniques for a kick ass budget bargain on Nykaa! It has dupes for most of the essential brushes above in the fraction of the price!

must have brushes for indian makeup for every bride
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Do check out our EYE and LIP BRUSH GUIDE up next on the blog all these tools can help you totally transform your face shape!

Know any other budget pick our brides must have in her brush kit? Spill the secrets in the comments below ⬇︎


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