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How to find the Perfect Bridal Lehenga Colour for The Indian Skin tone

Choosing your bridal lehenga colour? While you’re busy looking at trends and what other gorgeous brides wore, there’s one big detail most brides ignore! Here’s THE secret for that perfect lehenga for you, ‘coz its your skin tone that determines what should be your lehenga hue. Stylists’ reveal how to match your lehenga to your Indian skin tone to literally give you that bridal glow. Want to know more? Lets Go ⬇︎

Ramsha lehenga | bride in a red and gold benarsfi lehenga wearing a gorgeous diamond set | bridal lehenga ideas
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Yes, You have an Indian Skin Tone but there’s Different Types in that Too! So How do you find out what Skin Tone are You?

So basically, there are 3 types of skin tones i.e. cool, warm and olive. How do you know yours? Simple! Be VAIN vein 😝

how to find out what kind of skin tone you have | right bridal lehengas for your Indian skin tone
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Look at your veins on your wrist. If they appear more green than blue, then you are a warm toned diva and if your veins appear bluer then you are cool toned. 🔍 However, in general, most Indians are warm toned with a few exceptions of course. However, if you are olive toned, you are into the warm territory with lovely yellow, green and light brown undertones.

Decoding What Bridal Lehenga Colour Suits as per your S⬇︎😎

Cool Brides (literally so!) ❄️ – Oh! You porcelain Beauties!

bride in a pink and blue lehenga |  Bridal lehengas colours perfect for the Indian skin tone
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What to Wear – Pick colors which are bright, pastel or deep jewel tones. Bright colors such as raspberry pinks, bright blues, lime green and pastel shades like baby pink or mint green. Even deep jewel tones such as wine color, midnight blue and emerald-green would look gorgeous on you.

bridal lehengas colours for the Indian skin  tone with a cool undertone

What’s a Scare – Avoid red, orange and beige, ‘coz they would wash you out, without a doubt!

Warm Brides – by Nature AND Skin Tone 🔥 – Lucky you! You’ve got the pick of so many hues

Indian bride in a beautiful red and gold lehenga | Kundan jewellery with a pretty Nath and matahpatti
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What to Wear – Go for shades of red (Yay! for traditional brides 💃🏻), orange and yellow, hot pinks and even corals. Burnt orange, rust, saffron yellow, red, hot pink will instantly brighten up your face. PS – Tangerine is a totally trending pick ✨

bridal lehengas colours for the Indian skin  tone with a warm undertone

What’s a Scare – Stay away from beige, gold and also dark colors like indigo and purple are a no no!

Neutral Brides – Diplomatic Much lol!

Indian bride in a pretty gold shimmer lehenga | bridal lehengas colours for the Indian Skin tone
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You’re basically a lucky bronze goddess 💖

What to Wear – Pick any color from warm pastels or pretty peaches. Even dusty pinks and pale golds will look absolutely gorgeous on you. We highly recommend a burnt orange bridal lehenga for you, It’s a gorgeous hue!✨

bridal lehengas colours for the Indian skin  tone with a neutral undertone

Whats a Scare – Stay away from neons, wine and yellow gold

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There! You’re all set to pick your perfect colour match, ‘coz you now know whats the biggest trick and catch!



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