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How to Host a Bachelorette Party at Home for an Indian Wedding During Covid Times!

Bachelorette party on your mind? Pulling off an unforgettable bachelorette party wasn’t easy anyway; now planning a bachelorette party in the midst of a global pandemic can feel pretty close to impossible. This pandemic has not only put thousands of weddings on hold, but, all those events leading up to the wedding too. One of such events is a bachelorette party, the bride’s one last time going out with her friends as a ‘single’ woman. And we cannot allow you to loose this SINGLE largest opportunity to have a blast! In case your BFF has decided to get married in this pandemic and you really want to throw her a kickass bachelorette party then here are some ideas for you to ace it!

How To Host A Fab Bachelorette Party For Your BFF During COVID –

Here are some awesome ways you can give your BFF the bachelorette she deserves, risky in the rifght ways 😛

#1 – A Virtual Party

From office meetings to celebrating festivals on zoom, everyone is familiar with all things virtual by this point! So, why not throw your BFF a bachelorette party online! Have trivia, drinking games, and lots of girl talk, you guys can even watch a fun movie together! Make sure you get a special custom background for the bride!! Also, consider delivering a fun bachelorette care package to each girl to enjoy while you’re on for the video party!

Sexy Yet Safe Staycation

Plan a small staycation with your bride tribe! Instead of flying somewhere, booking a homestay or Airbnb nearby is a great alternative! Pretty sure there are some cool, untapped places around where you live that you’ve never visited! Well, now seems like the perfect time to explore those – so make a bubble with your girls and pop some bubbly!

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On Screen Spa Date

Wondering what this is? Setup a virtual spa date with your girls by sending at home spa services to their houses! Book reliable and safe professionals from your favourite online service/ request your trusted salon to organise this. You can even send everyone a little spa kit full of scented candles, sheet masks, yummy body butter, and a bottle of wine! Open this on the day of the party! After all, this is a stressful time, and taking care of ourselves should be a priority!

DIY Paint & Sip Party

Your girls love to play with colors and are damn creative? Then send across a DIY paint kit to everyone. Throw a bottle of wine also & have the girls pour themselves their fav cocktails while they paint and gossip away 😛

DIY panit and sip party
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Surprise Her

Is your BFF is pretty bummed about canceling the bachelorette party you all have been dreaming of, then ambush her at home with a surprise home party! Make sure you add a super cool theme such as beach day (if you were planning on going to a beachy place), have a dress code, bride’s fav food and drinks! Don’t forget some naughty games! Lastly, make sure you buy her a gift to make her feel extra special!

We hope you can plan a fab bachelorette party while navigating through these crazy, bonkers, unprecedented times together! Cheers! 



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