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new in Indian bridal fashion | ways to wear flowers at your wedding to make a stunning mark in flower fashion
Indian Bridal Fashion

Indian Bridal Fashion Trend – Fresh Flower Fashion – 6 Trending Ways to Wear Flowers at your Wedding

Move over flower jewellery, there’s some smoking hot and Fresh (pun intended 😜) floral style ideas found we found! These Real Brides rocked fab new ways to wear flowers at your wedding. After all, Indian bridal fashion is evolving every season, so what makes you think you have to stick to old school flower fashion for your wedding?

New in Indian Bridal Fashion – The most stunning ways to wear flowers at your wedding 🌸⬇︎

We’ve rounded up some super creative ways of adding flowers to your wedding look that are just off the hook. PS – Just think of how fab they’ll smell! ✨😜

A Floral Dupatta

flower fashion | Indian bride wearing a pretty white and red flower dupatta | new in Indian Bridal Fashion | amazing ways to wear flowers at your wedding
(c) Picture Art Company via Nayana & Jai’s Wedding

We’re totally crushing over this gorgeous and unique dupatta made of real flowers. This floral jaal made out of jasmine buds and red roses that Nayana wore for her gorgeous day wedding is making us swoon, literally!

Indian bride wearing a blue and silver lehenga with a gorgeous flower dupatta | floral fashion | amazing new ways to wear flowers at your wedding
(c) The wedding story india

This is such an Indian touch with an old school charm.

Floral Lehenga

(c) PhotoPhactory from Nindiya’s gorgeous Pinterest wedding

No, we don’t mean a floral print lehenga, we mean a lehenga skirt made of real flowers. Say what??!?  😮 When we saw Nindiya’s lehenga we had the same reaction too.

The Floral Kaleera

Bride Natasha wearing a gorgeous floral kaleera in white along with a pastel pink lehenga | new trends in Indian Bridal Fashion | floral fashion
(c) Ivy Weddings for Natasha’s wedding

Many brides don’t realize how these tiny gold umbrellas impact their overall look. Good news is that kaleeras are undergoing a makeover. The latest trend with kaleeras is the ones made out of flowers like Natasha’s, whose floral kaleera wedding look found a permanent place in our idea book.

Indian bride wearing a while lehenga with a white floral kaleera
(c) Duke Images

The Floral Hair Veil

We’ve seen unique ideas to put flowers in our hair for the wedding day but when we saw this we couldn’t take our eyes off it. Drishti decided to go all out and use flowers as a veil. How gorgeous does she look? 💖

The Floral Gathbandhan

Indian bride and groom in their royal wedding wearing a gathbandhan made of flowers
(c) I alam Photo

Now you definitely think we’re crazy, don’t you? No, we are serious, instead of getting a normal dupatta for gathbandhan, get a floral one like xyz did. You can be sure of one thing, it’ll be an absolute conversation starter at your wedding! 😍

The Flower Latkans

Indian bride wearing a gorgeous floral gown
(C) Knotty Affair from Sana And Adel’s Cruise Ship Wedding

Yep! Brides are also rocking lehenga latkans made of real flowers rather than simple pompoms or tassels. So try this trend like Sana did in her gorgeous Dil Dhadhakne Do style cruise wedding and you too can look stunning without any hassles 😉

You now have a whole Bouquet of options for flower fashion to try for your wedding (pun intended 😜). Tell us which one you loved the most in the comments below ⬇︎