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Indian Wedding Hair 101 – The Bride Hair Care Guide for Cuts, Colour, Extensions & More!

Every bride wants to look perfect, not only on her wedding but after the wedding too. From flawless skin to shiny hairs, we want to be the best versions of ourselves. Your wedding is a good excuse to squeeze in some extra pampering sessionto your already existing routines! If you’re someone who has no idea how to start your hair care routine for your wedding, we’re here to help you get started. We’ve listed some of the best things you can do to ensure luscious locks on your wedding day.

Indian Wedding Hair 101 – The Bride Hair Care Guide for Cuts, Colour, Extensions & More!

Set a Timeline

First thing you need to do is to understand your hair concerns. How long you want your hair to be, are you looking for more volume and better texture, do you want to do hair straightening or smoothening or color your hair, whatever your hair goals are, do your research and figure out the best time to start on hair care treatments. Example – for a highlight, go about a month ahead to allow it time to settle – these are great for braids so definitely consult your mua before!

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PS- we would suggest you to talk with your hairstylist too before deciding on any permanent hair treatment.

A Visit to Dermatologist

If you’re suffering from any hair or skin condition you must visit your dermatologist before opting for any chemical treatments. It’s better to work on your hair under their guidance your doctor to avoid any allergies or further skin and scalp problems.

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Treat your Hair Right

The best remedy to shiny and healthy locks is deep conditioning treatments. You can opt for any great hair maskavailable in the market or can take a hair spa treatment in the salon. What we like most are the homemade hair packswhipped out from our kitchen essentials!

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Weekly Oiling Sessions

It’s time to listen to your grandmother – a hair oil massage is a blanket solution for everything from lifeless tresses and damaged ends to stress. Nothing beats a hot coconut oil massage or champi at home. Try mixing some essential oils to your base oil, to treat your specific hair concerns. 

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P.S. Make sure you are oiling your scalp and not the length of your hair.

Trimming your Hair is a MUST-

Regular trims are a must, no matter your hair type. A trim is important so that there are no split ends and your hair looks full of life on the wedding day.

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Keep That Heat Away

Using a lot of styling products can damage your hair. From hair breakage to dryness, our styling tools can be our hair’s biggest enemies. Make sure not to do this at least a month before your wedding day! This will help you keep split ends at bay and lock that moisture in. 

Try Out Hair Extensions

If you love your hair short but want some elaborate hairstyles for your wedding, you may need extensions. Extensions can be a little tricky if you’re going to use them for the very first time.  Make sure you try out extensions ahead to decide the ones for your D day so you don’t feel odd on the big day !

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Eat & Drink Your Way to Shiny Hair

Detoxing your body will not just have physical benefits, it’ll also help restore your hair’s luster. Make sure you have a balanced diet with healthy carbs and proteins for better hairs. Do include greens, eggs, berries, avocados, fish, nuts and seeds in your diet. Aim to drink about three liters of water every day to strengthen your hair and boost hair growth.

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Hope these tips will help you and your hair shine on your wedding day!



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