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Decor Detail: Stunning Indian Wedding Mandap that are Perfect to Start Your New Life 😍

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An Indian Wedding Mandap is where you & your BAE take the celebrated 7 vows to spend the rest of your life together. Your new start needs a stunning setting too a.k.a. a gorgeous mandap. The Indian wedding mandap is a decor detail many might over look. But think of it, you spend hours there solemnizing the most important relationship of your life, it’s actually the highlight of your journey as man and wife! Your wedding mandap isn’t just a pretty backdrop, it’s also the place where your ENTIRE fambam witness your love – it can’t just be pretty, its got to be big too 😝 (Atleast, till the Wedding Lok Sabha Bill is passed 😇)

Stunning Indian Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas  😍

To help you find your mandap match we’ve picked our favourite Wedding mandap decor ideas in the Gallery below. From Elaborate to Simple; Western to Traditional; Designer to downright arty we’ve picked out the best Mandap decor ideas for your wedding coz it’s a sacred place and not just another element in your party! 💖

So now that you find your soul mate its time pick your mandap match from these curated Indian wedding mandap decor ideas!

Tell us in the comments below which mandap is your favourite 🙋🏻⬇︎

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