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Indian Mehendi Things No One Tells Brides

Indian Wedding Planning 101 – Mehendi Function Mistakes To Avoid

As exciting as a mehendi function is for the bride-to-be, it can also get a tad messy. The best of brides have ended up ruining the perfect mehendi outfit and that bridal Mehendi, thanks to often overlooked mistakes. Yikes!! Sounds scary right? Don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered! We’re revealing major mehndi regrets real brides had aka Indian Wedding Planning Hacks & Mehendi Function Mistakes To Avoid.

Indian bride at her mehendi ceremony | Mehendi Function Mistakes
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What All Mistakes You Need To Take Care of At Your Mehendi Function

Your Function Fashion

Ahem! you’ve got to sit for hours and get henna applied wayyyy high up! This can’t just be pretty but needs to be practical too! Avoid any kind of fashion fuss. Opt for something which doesn’t have a dupatta like an eye feasting crop top or a lehenga (a little skin will do you no harm) set or a sari gown?

If you’re getting your feet done too, wear something easy to roll or with less cancan, that won’t constantly come down with the weight and ruin your mehendi design.

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Choose Your Hairstyle Wisely

Go with hair that has easy care. No bride would want their hair falling on the face, when she can’t use her mehendi clad hand to adjust the stray strand!

Trust us! Hairbands and braids decorated with flowers are your mehendi day BFFS.

Foot Henna Time

Get mehendi on your feet the night before so you can move, rather groove. Girls the mehendi Day is YOUR day to enjoy, don’t miss even a single minute of fun, make sure you’re footloose literally to be able to dance with everyone 🙂

Bridal Foot Henna
(c): Mehendi by Divya

Drooling over this foot henna stain? We have more in store for you. Head here to check out some amazing foot henna designs.

Bridal Mehendi Seat

Plan a comfy mehendi seat/bed that’s not just pretty but comfy too. (You’ll be sitting there for a few minutes hours)

PS. DON’T you dare place it in a stage corner, have it put in the centre so you’re not secluded but are in the thick of all the action.

Mani-Padi Time

A thorough mani-pedi before the mehendi is a MUST! Make sure your hand AND feet nails look fab cause there will be mehendi close ups!

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