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Indian bride with her father and brother
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Photos Every Bride MUST have with her Brother from her Indian Wedding 📸💗

Yay! It’s your wedding day! It’s time to get hitched AND clicked! 💃🏼

While you’ve spent months pinning the perfect clicks you want with your fiancé, lets not forget your wedding day is a super special one not just for you but for your family too! Stunning Family clicks are Photos every Indian Bride must have in her wedding album! So, don’t just plan your clicks with bae, but also spend time to pick out photos you MUST get with the family!

Lets start with your Bhai – Your protector, bully, tattletale and best friend all rolled in one! 😍

From picking on you to picking your doli – Here’s the list of Photos every Indian bride must have with her brother on her wedding day ⬇︎

Pyaar ka PUNCHnama – The She’s ours to Bully photo

Get a candid playful photo which captures your bond together, where as always your brothers are getting oh so cute with you! Empty threats I tell you! 😜

Indian bride playful photo with her brother
Image Source
BLINDED by her love – The our family has Serious SWAG photo!

Get your handsome brothers to bring on their swag! This shot with them in their sunglasses and you in your Ghunghat is one of our favourites! Love the saafa coordinated to the bride’s lehenga!  This picture goes front and center in your album 💗

Fun photos of Indian bride with her brothers in sunglasses
Image Source
Bachelor forever – The No Kalira Photo

Hahaha! This click of Arpita doing the traditional whose next kalira drop on her absolutely uninterested brother Salman Khan is something every girl with bachelor brothers can relate to! I can picture mine running away from the killer kaliras instead! Lol! As usual Salman bhai sets another trend – this one in wedding photos 😎

Kalira photos with your brother at your Indian Wedding
Image Source
Childhood Memories – the when did you grow up shot?

It’s your wedding, there’s no way your elder (and protective younger) brothers are wondering when did our little sister grow up so much? All the leg pulling and teasing (just like they did in your childhood) is their way of expressing how senti they’re getting, ask your photographer to capture these precious memories for posterity!

playful fun photos with your brother from your wedding
Image Source
Always by Her Side – The MY brothers have my back shot!

This photo of your brothers walking you in with the pretty phoolon ki chaadar is an absolute MUST ladies! Psst! Get your main men to wear coordinated colours for an amazing picture perfect shot!

Bride with her brothers bringing her in
Image Source
No PDA 😱

Hahahah! Love this shot of the groom laying a quick peck on her cheek, much to the disgust go the brothers. Psst! Do NOT try this till you have extremely chiller brothers!

Indian bride photo with her brothers stopping the groom from kissing her
Image Source
Flirting with your friends – ‘Coz boys WILL be boys

Bachelor brothers? Then you know what we’re talking about. Weddings are notorious for playing cupid, your brothers WILL have fun chilling and flirting with all the pretty ladies in the house. It’s only fair that you get this on camera (crazy blackmail material for that expensive rakhi gift you want!) 😜😈

Indian wedding photo brother flirting with you friends
Image Source
Ride with Bhai – That kickass entry shot!

If you’re looking for an unconventional entry other than the phoolon ki chaadar, there’s no reason your brother can’t get in on it! He’ll lend his charm (and bike) to get you your badass bridal entry! 💕

Photos every Indian bride must have with her brother - entry on a bike
Image Source
Protective Bodyguards – ‘Coz NO ONE messes with our little sister!

Love this shot of the couple being stopped for an intense (though fun) grilling by the bride’s brothers! You may be married but you’ll always be their little sister (even if you are older) 😇

Indian bride and groom on a bike with her brothers stopping them
Image Source
The Wind beneath your WINGS – the one with the Jaimala

Ladies, there is only few times in your life when your brother will lift you up and urge you to catch a boy 😝! So, when he lifts you on his shoulder to put the varmala on your airborne fiancé, make sure you have that shot!

Indian Bride lifted by her brother for the jaimala
Image Source
Together Forever  – The Vidai Doli Shot

Just ‘coz the wedding is over doesn’t mean your family stopped being fabulous and photo ready! Ask your photographer to capture the moment when your dapper brothers carry Their little doll in her doli! PS. Sunglasses are ALWAYS a great idea! You too can wear some – they’ll hide your tears and the brother’s hangovers! 😎

Brother lifting your doli photo for the Indian Wedding
Image Source
Showered with LOVE

Your wedding is the one time your brothers will openly pamper you and shower you with undivided love and attention! capture that! Love Love this Photo where the bride’s younger brother is showering his sister with rose petals from the Sakshi and Utkarsh Wedding.

flower shower on Indian bride with her brother
Image Source
Show Off – The Yes, we’ll do ANYTHING to make her happy shot!

Another favourite of ours is this cute photo of the bride’s brothers showing off her pretty lehenga! Showing off all her favourites in one shot – her prized outfit, jewellery and her main men! 💞

Indian bride with her brothers holding her orange lehenga
Image Source

Take notes ladies, you’ll want EVERY single one of them with your bhai!

There you go, now you are picture perfect siblings like no other, ‘Coz theres no Buddy like your brother!💑

Have any other amazing MUSt have photo idea?Spill the secrets in the comments below ⬇︎


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