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Stunning Blouse Designs and Blouse Styles Ideal for Winter Wedding

Winters are here! Which means the wedding season is here! Are you a bride-to-be who is busy pinning blouse designs on Pinterest to keep yourself warm and cozy and at the same time want to make a striking statement at the wedding? If you still haven’t found the right blouse design, we have something for you. Here are some book mark worthy blouse designs for the upcoming winter wedding!

Stunning Blouse Designs & Blouse Styles Every 2020 Bride Must See for Her Winter Wedding

Velvet Blouses

Velvet is a good choice for brides who want to look royal and regal! Pairing a velvet blouse with your bridal lehenga will give such #royalvibes! Plain or embroidered velvet blouses will make you truly shine and you’ll surely have everyone’s attention.

velvet blouses
dollyouup_bys via instagram

Full Sleeves Jacket Blouse With Heavy Detailing

This kind of blouse is pure goals! This blouse will keep you warm and cozy all day long Also, just how gorgeous is this style?

jacket style blouse
(c) anamika khanna

Stunning with Sheer

Feel just like a princess and sport an embellished sheer blouse! This is a timeless design and the beauty of such elegant pieces won’t ever go out of fashion!

sheer blouse
(c) nimboo Photo

Plunging Necklines with Long Sleeves

We have seen this trend so much while scrolling through Instagram, no? You know its a winner if Designers like Sabyasachi and TarunTahiliani are still rolling out contemporary plunging neckline designs! Go deep on the neck and long on the sleeves to keep the cozy effect. These look best in velvet!

plunging neckline
bridesofsabyasachi via instagram

A Full Sleeves Blouse with Focus on the Back!

The back of the blouse can define the look of an outfit. A ravishing back with beautiful embroidery and buttons is sexy and not revealing. This blouse won’t fail to attract attention, and is perfect for winter functions!

detailed back
(c) anita dongre

High Neck

Trendy, stylish and gorgeous! These blouses with extremely intricate designs on the neck in bright colours are perfect for an outdoor function! Make sure this blouse has full sleeves to give the blouse a very royal and traditional look! Accessorize your outfit with small earrings and a chic bangle!

Sheer Sleeves

For an absolute royal and ethereal look, this has to be your blouse design! A low neckline with heavy embellished full net sleeves is a perfect option for an evening function or for your big-day look!

sheer sleeves blouse
israni photography via instagram

Sparkling sleeves

All brides want to shine on their big day, no? This is the perfect option for a bride for her big day. PS – Pair the sheer blouse with a velvet stole or saree to really up the style quotient!

(c) irfan ahson

Kurti Style Blouse

The kurti style blouse is perfect for those brides who don’t want to show any skin and yet want to look absolutely ravishing.

kurti style blouses
(c) jayanti reddy

While these are just a few blouse designs we have picked, we are so sure that this winter wedding season will witness many more designs. Feel free to play around with two or more styles, you might start a new trend! *wink wink*


Featured Image Source – Jayanti Reddy |Isrrani Photography | Stories By Joseph Radhik