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Brother of the bride duties | being the bride off at her vidai

Super Fun and Important Brother of the Bride Duties to make note of!

Having mixed feelings? Your go-to-person is getting married and you’re both happy and sad. But, it’s part of your brother of the bride duties to make sure that everybody has a great time, particularly your sister. You’ve gotta ensure that she’s crazy happy marrying her new mister. After all, you’re the brother of the bride, there’s a lot you have to do to carry your title with pride 😇! To make it an easy one, we’ve come up with a list of super duties you’ll need to do, so that it’s a wow wedding that’s heartfelt too 😍

Brother of The Bride Duties to Bookmark ⬇︎

The Ultimate Brother Speech – Her wedding is officially the ONE time it’s manly to be sappy in public!

Brother of the bride duties | Speech at sisters Indian Wedding
Image Source Pinterest

Tell your sister why she means the world to you in a fabulously funny speech. Make it senti, maybe even mental and full of memories. Basically, a speech that’s aww – some 😉

Be brave and face the Kaleera Scare – The kaleera drop is no longer just for girls!

Kalira photos with your brother at your Indian Wedding
Image Source – Indian Express

Go ahead humour your sister, fall in the kaleera line and take the challenge. Come on! Man up, so what if it falls on you, you’re next in line, no one said how long the line is 😛

Keep the party going

Brother of the bride duties | keep the party going | Indian bride with her brothers
photo – happy flashback photography

You’re obviously the one in charge of alcohol. Duh! Keep the party going! Get everybody drunk but not so much, that they can’t remember anything as such! Remember whatever happens in weddings, Stays on camera! 🙈

Marriage Minion

Brother of the bride duties | Genelia d souza's brother helps feed her

It’s her wedding, you’re going to have to ALWAYS be at her service. Become her driver, errand boy, advisor and stress buster all together. Weddings get the bride cranky. Ease her up. Listen to her problems. Think of solutions. You’ve got to be the jack of all trades at her wedding, and she’s going to be the master of YOU 😜

Be her Cover Fire

Brother of the bride duties | being the bride off at her vidai

Let’s face it these two cuties are in love and you HAVE to help them out. Snoop around and look out for her when she’s sneaking out. Besides, she’ll do this anyway, but, you can install the fear of god in her fiancé this way 😇

Slay the Sangeet

wedding dance practice | Themed dance practice
Photo source – Lin and Jirsa

Take charge and slay the dance at the sangeet. The ladki walas HAVE to win this battle.

PS – 2017’s Top Sangeet songs that’ll help your cause 

Juttis MUST be yours

Indian groom footwear | Juttis |Indian wedding | Indian Groom Style | Sabyasachi |Rohit Bal | Anita Dongre| The RightSide |
Credits: The Wedding Story

Another test you’ve gotto ace, plan and plot with your “team” to steal the juttis or it’ll be hard to save face!

Say cheese – A LOT

Image from Purva And Sahil’s Wedding

Everyone knows, the bride’s brother’s have GOT to pose! Make sure you have plenty of amazing shots from the wedding and get clicked in those dapper clothes. Something to fill your room’s walls with, after she’s gone 😥

Walk her down the Aisle

new phoolon ki chadar ideas for a perfect bridal entry | bride in a deep red lehenga walking under a beautiful phoolon ki chadar in white flowers
(c) Shades Photography

Entering with her brother under the phoolon ki chaadar is part of every brides dream plan. Her bhai by her side to Make her feel confident, you’re the only one who can.

NOT hit on her friends

Indian wedding photo brother flirting with you friends
Image Via – Instagram

Let’s not complicate matters shall we? You’ll be coordinating with all her friends, so let’s set some ground rules, atlas till the wedding ends 😈

Be the Quazi Wedding Planner

While your mom and dad will be busy with the guests. You need play man of the house wedding, make sure everything is in place, Double check with vendors to make sure that nothing gets screwed. Sister’s biggest day dude!

Get her a mind-blowing gift

Gift for bride form the brother

Gift her something real nice, paired with a handwritten card. Something she’ll love. Nobody knows her better than you, so this one won’t be hard!

That’s pretty much all you’ve gotta do,  don’t forget, she’s found another main man, but no one can top you 💖

Have any more duties to add to the list, tell us in the comments below