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Super Fun Sangeet Songs for Friends of the Groom a.k.a his Band of Boys 🎶🕺🏼

Lets admit it, the dance everyone looks forward to at an Indian wedding the most, is the energetic tomfoolery of the friends of the groom. (after the couple dance of course) Yes,we all know they’ve only partied at every dance practice 😜, yet, when they get on the floor, their enthusiasm shows. We’re talking next level Raveer Singh energy and some major Punjabi boy swag, particularly for all them stags 😎! So here’s some amazing sangeet songs for friends of the groom, so their energy can set fire to the room.

Sangeet Songs for Friends of the Groom – Indian wedding songs for the Desi Boys 🎶

From Punjabi mixes to Hinglish songs, we’ve got the most trending Indian wedding songs for the groom’s best men to dance along! 🕺🏼

Sangeet Songs – Lets Nacho | Kapoor & Sons

A songs that says it all – Lets Nacho! 🎶

Sangeet Songs – Shaam Shaandaar | Shaandaar

What’s not to love about this song – the beats, the lyrics and the moves! 💖

Sangeet Songs – Pyar Ki Ma Ki | Housefull 3

For those who like a little humour in their dances this no. is perfect for just that cheeky little inside joke!😜

Sangeet Songs – Tattad tattad | Ram Leela

For those Ranveer singh energy levels we mentioned before! P.S. Follow the choreography to the T to flaunt them abs! 😍

Sangeet Songs – Baaki Baatein Peene Band | Arjun Kanungo

We’ve seen boys rock dance performances to Nikke Nikke Shots, it gives them the perfect excuse to drink on stage. Trust us, give it a shot! 😜 (pun intended)

Sangeet Songs – Gulaabo | Shaandar

One of our favourite Indian wedding songs right now, plus, when all the boys get on the stage they’ll make sure they find a gulaabo lol!😂

Sangeet Songs – Hawan Kund | Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Always on our list of Indian wedding songs. We Love Love Love this track for all the groom’s best men to dance on. After all the wedding is a Hawan and we wonder ab saari raat dono saath saath ab kya karenge? 😈 Mwahahaha!

Sangeet Songs – 1234 Get on the dance floor | Chennai Express

How about this for a finale song by the groom’s squad, end it by literally inviting the couple on stage – get on the dance floor! Think of the epic squad photo this one would make!

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan | Mere Brother Ki dulhan

Love this one, particularly for the groom’s younger brothers. So on point! 😍

Beat Pe Booti | A Flying Jatt

Um, who doesn’t wanna move their booty to these beats?

Lungi Dance | Chennai Express

Another Super fun party song for all your main boys to dance along! 🕺🏼

There, these are perfect crazy fun high energy Indian wedding songs for your boys, to make some serious noise! Pair them with props and watch the ball drop! 😇

Happy dancing you guys!


Know any other super fab Indian wedding songs for the best men? Tell us in the comments below

Featured Image Source – The Wedding Story