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Trending Saree Styles & Offbeat Saree Draping Ideas For Bridesmaids !

Are you attending a close wedding and looking for the perfect way to wear a saree for the big day? Well look no further! A touch tradition, draped with a pinch of glam, thats the way all the fab bridesmaids are doing sarees for the weddings in their fam! 

Offbeat Saree Styles & Unique Saree Draping Ideas For Bridesmaids & Wedding Guests!

We’ve curated an impeccable collection of the most exceptional saree styles and quirky saree draping ideas, for you ! Have a look !

A Half Saree with a Lehenga!

How about wearing a saree, that looks like a belted lehenga ? Not only a great way to give a traditional saree a facelift, but also a fab way to stand out. Fuse the ease of the lehenga with an elegance of a saree!

Dazzling Dhoti saree !

Dhoti saree, inspired from the Marathi saree look is totally trending rn ! This look is not only easy to carry, but a great way to bring a designer touch to the look ! PS – Feel free to wear it with an ornamented or a fabric belt.


A Cape Styled Drape !

saree styles | saree draping ideas
(C) Gaurav Gupta

Wear your saree with a beautiful cape for a cocktail ready look – perfect for the bridesmaids ! You can choose to go with shears to either compliment the stylish blouse of saree, or hide it in a cute way..

 The Boss Girl Saree !

For a mehndi ready look, we totally recommend the pant saree for the ultimate chic look ! (PS – It is fuss free, and so easy to carry). You can either wear it in a monochrome or flaunt the quirky colour combo look!

Belted Sarees !

Just can’t get enough of these lovely belted sarees, perfect to accentuate your waist!

A Jacket Style Saree !

Jacket sarees, have a charm of their own, and a different appeal which has definitely grown! The perfect way to style a saree in winters for sure 🙂

Ravishing Ruffled Saree !

saree draping ideas | trendy sarees
(C) Ridhi Mehra

If you’re more into voluminous saree styles with a fun approach, then this one is for you ! A saree that’s all frills and fun !

The Front Palla Drape !

saree styles | saree draping ideas
(C) Isha Ambani | (C) Sabyasachi

A front palla saree isn’t meant to be super traditional only ! You can adapt this drape to modern saree designs to get the perfect different saree look !

The Cool Front Stitched Sarees !

saree styles | indo western sarees
(C) Craftsvilla_dotcom

If you’re one of those bold bridesmaids, who like to keep it sassy, then casual sarees are your pick ! Trust us, the subtle hued shirts with a dark-coloured sarees, draped in a peppy way with a leather belt, will steal the spotlight !

Khulla palla !

Try a khulla palla style for a look, that’s both conventional and classy. Bridesmaids, who are looking for something class apart, khulla palla is the one for you ! With the loose side drape, you could choose to your palla to be narrow or let it fall all the way to your arm for another level of charm !

Just like you, we’re also mesmerized by these terrific saree styles and offbeat saree draping ideas! Do tell us, which one would you love to flaunt ?



Featured Image Source : (C) Shirrin Design Co | (C) Sonam Luthria | (C) Craftsvilla_dotcom