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5 Trending Mother of the bride moments you NEED with your Mom at your wedding 

Heres a list of things (celeb approved even) of things you should make sure you do with mom for your wedding so you get a LOT of mother daughter time before you head away to be BAE! These mother of the bride moments are totally on trend and so you definitely must do this with mom aka your first ever best friend! 😍

Mother of the Bride Moments You Need at Your Wedding 💗

Do a Dedication ✨

Your mom deserves some praise for all the wedding prep she did single-handed without getting fazed! Get your friends to do a fun song for her the way Salman and Shahrukh did at Sonam’s Wedding!

Do a Mother Daughter Dance 💃🏻

Go the Ambani way and do a beautiful mother daughter dance for your big day. Lets let the mother of the bride shine away!

Get Customized Merchandise for Mommy 📸

Badges for the mother of the bride
(c) Design Tuk Tuk

The sky is the limit! Think badges, T shirts, Saches even photo booths signs! They all come in so many designs! Get something cute done for the mother of the bride (which BTW is so in) to make sure you get fab mother daughter photos so it’s a total win-win!

Pssst! – Here’s our list of photos you MUST have with your mom from the wedding!

Do a Mother Daughter Pre-Wedding Shoot 🎥

Pre wedding shoot with your mom
(c) Miheeka’s Instagram

Why not take mom for a pre wedding shoot and strike a pose, after the wedding you won’t get a chance to do this roze-roze! Don’t you just love this shoot this mother daughter duo did with wed me good?

Do a combined Getting Ready Session 💄

Mother daughter getting ready shoot
(C) Rolling Canvas Photography

Get ready for your wedding along with mom, because trust us, the minute that countdown starts you wont get time together through out the night so slay this moment with aplomb!

mother daughter getting ready
(c0 Cupcake Productions

Which one will you do? Tell us in the comments below ⬇


Featured Image Source – cupcake productions (left) | The Fotowale (right)