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Bindaas New Bridal Entry Songs – To Dance Your Way In!

Gone are the days when we had super shy brides, girls today know that their bridal entry is one they need to totally SLAY! When it comes to your bridal entry, dancing in is the new big trend and to help you decide which song to dance on your bridal entry as bride, we got you a handpicked new bridal entry songs guide!

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Fun New Bridal Entry Songs for the Swag Brides to Dance on for a Hatke Entry!

#1 Navrai Maajhi | English Vinglish

Do this entry with your full family! It’s a crazy idea 😍

Time Cue: Till 1:57

#2  Tune Maari Entriyaan | Gunday

Love this bridal entry idea –  Get your friends to hold bells and ring them when the song goes Tang Tang Tang – Its a pooja, ghanti seems appropriate 🙂

Time Cue: It’s a Ranvir Singh Song, needs no timeline or reason 🙂

#3 Chull | Kapoor and Sons

Think you can get his boys to help you out a little? Get them to stand net to the groom and do a small flashmob on the hook step for this song 😛

Time Cue: Just take any one verse and you’ll be sorted Till 0:52

#4 Baby ko Bass Pasand hai | Sultan

If you’re in the mood to really get your groove on – then this is the song for you! Get your father to walk down the aisle on this 🙂

Time Cue: Not Needed! It’s a Salman Song, Keep Calm and Dance on!

#5  Makhna | Drive

Jacky’s new song is perfect for you if you wanted a dance number that’s a little soft and elegant too 🙂

Time Cue: Just enough for your walk…

#6 Humne Suna Hai| Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Get all your cousins to dance with you on this one and enter in total joint family style. We guarantee, it’ll make BAE smile!

Time Cue: just the first two stanzas are super fun!

#7 Desi Girl | Dostana

Get your brothers to walk you down on this! 😍

Time Cue: Till 1:12

#8 Mera Piya Ghar Aaya | Yaraana

Been in a long distance relationship/love marriage? Then this is your dance number for the wedding for sure!

Time Cue: Just do one verse to surprise bae!

#9 Kithe Reh Gaya Video | Neeti Mohan

This cute number is for the groom, who is the late lateef in the room 😛

Time Cue: Depending on how much leg you want to pull 😛 

#10 Banno Tera Swagger | Tanu Weds Manu 2

Imagine entering on this with your girls letting their Jiju know exactly how Sexy you are 😛

Time Cue: The duration of the song totally depends on how much swagger you got! 😜

#11 Mere Saiyaan Super Star | Ek Paheli Leela

A complete dance favourite, this is one song every bride of 2019 had on her entry song list – with good reason too! Such a cute way to tell bae how much he means to you 🙂

Time Cue: Goals out with a song like this!

Which one is your favourite new bridal entry song? Tell us in the comments below…


Featured Image Source – Fotowalle The story folks from Rupani’s Wedding