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6 Insta worthy Holi Party Ideas to celebrate your first Holi party a different way!

Holi has always been always special, no matter if it’s your last one with your family before wedding or the first one with your in-laws, it holds a colourful corner in our heart. But how do you make sure Each holi party has some super fun memories attached so if you’re the girl who wants to get down and dirty or the one who wants a chiller scene, these are the cutest statement holi party ideas we’ve seen! Here is our round-up for the most fab instaworthy holi party ideas for the host, to make this holi super special for your fam & dosts!

Ideas to make your Holi Party super Cool and Unforgettable!

Not the usual colors and DJ and dhol, here’s some fab ways our WittyVows’ girls are celebrating  Holi over all! So gear up and bring out your gulaals, flowers, smoke bombs (new trend alert) pichkaris and ofcourse balam too, coz we have the cutest instaworthy holi party ideas for you! 

1) Chuski/Popsicle Party

It’s getting hot, day by day! So why don’t beat the heat with some chuski what say? Give it a twist and make some healthy or boozy ones, these colourful popsicles are always fun. You can make them by yourself by mix and matching the flavors. in fact you can put a condition to get the same colour Gulaal on you first before you pick your favours! 

2) Holi Party by the Poolside

Love to play Holi with water? Why don’t have a pool party then? Pool parties are super fun and an awesome way to celebrate the Holi. Add some music and cool snacks to keep the party going! 

Tip: Add some colored water balloons to the pool and enjoy!

3) Games Night Brunch

As the summer is coming so does the lazy afternoons. Make this Holi afternoon fun with games and a delicious brunch. You can play UNO or Monopoly with friends and family, relive your childhood memories and make some new one, while celebrating this unique Holi. So curl up on colourful Gaddis and play along, while listening to your favourite holi songs!

4) Paint Balling

Love Colors? and Love Paint Balling! This is it then! Plan this holi party a little differently and invite all your friends and family for a Paint Ball match! It will be lots of fun, happiness and laughter to celebrate holi and make it a memorable day for everyone!

PS – here’s some amazing ideas to turn this in to a fun shoot too!

5) Phoolon ki Holi

Isha Ambani | Phoolon ki holi | trending | Chemical free | Safe holi | Udaipur | Celebrity weddings
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Who doesn’t love flowers? If you are not a big fan of colors with harsh chemicals and super conscious about environment, then this is the best to celebrate holi. Get used flowers from temples or fresh ones from the florist, play with them and have some good time with the Fam! 

6) The HALDI holi party

happy haldi vibes
(c) studiobeunique | mua – makeupby anumakwana

Felling bad you couldn’t do a joint haldi at your wedding? Well, take this chance to get a fab little holi party with Hali and multanni mitti and then some, so that you and BAE can relieve the Hali fun!

What are your plans for this Holi Party? Tell us in the comments below.



Featured Image Source – (c) ankit singh photography (Bangalore)