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Indian bridesmaids essentials for her bag | Indian bridesmaid duties | DIY Indian Wedding survival Kit | Mehar photography
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Cheat Code to them Indian Bridesmaid duties – the Ultimate DIY Indian Wedding survival kit for the Bride’s BFF !

The wedding day is finally around the corner and your coveted role as a diligent Indian bridesmaid is officially on. We all know with great power comes great responsibility! ⚠️ And ladies, there are a lot of last-minute needs at any wedding (aka responsibilities). As a bridesmaid, a.k.a the bride’s go-to-person, you’ll want to grab a bag and fill it with as many essentials as possible to make your own DIY Indian wedding survival kit. So before you head out in your heels, it’s time to prep to help you nail all your Indian Bridesmaid duties !😎

Cheat code to your Indian Bridesmaid Duties 😎👯

Essentials for your Indian Wedding Survival kit Clutch 👜

Indian bridesmaids essentials for her bag | Indian bridesmaid duties | DIY Indian Wedding survival Kit


  • A pack of tissues : There WILL be tears to dry, and of course, make up to fix.
  • Touch up time : Face powder and lipstick – the bride will need touch-ups from time to time. Psst keep the same shade handy with a lip brush!
  • Safety pins and Double Sided Tapes (DST) : We hope it doesn’t happen to you, but smart Indian bridesmaids are always prepared for wardrobe malfunctions!
  • A travel perfume : It’s your bestie’s wedding. You’ll all work up a sweat with that crazy dance. Carry a perfume to not take any chances!
  • Mints : The Bride and Groom in one room, your BFF is definitely going to need these, if you know what we mean 😉 and post that touch up 😛
  • The Best Men : Jonny (walker) Jack (Daniels) Jim (Beam) 😋. It’s a big day! Your BFF is bound to get nervous. Be at her rescue with some liquid courage in miniature bottle form.
  • Slurpy Straws : She’s a tall drink of water but she’ll need to drink too! Keep some straws out to do this without ruining your pretty pouts!
  • A handy Pen-drive : If there are performances, or a slideshow, keep an extra copy of all the music/photos with you just in case. (Better safe than sorry!😇)
  • A selfie stick : This is the most important one of your Indian Bridesmaid Duties. Hey! You guys look pretty, it’ll be a crime not to click a picture or two (million)😆📸
  • A portable Charger : Erm all those pics will do some damage to the battery after all!

Essentials for Every Indian Bridesmaids Phone

Indian bridesmaids essentials for her phone | Indian bridesmaid duties | DIY Indian Wedding survival Kit

  • Contact numbers of all important vendors : Photographer, Planner, choreographers, basically all the mains. To avoid going batshit crazy if something goes wrong, keep all their numbers handy and your superb mode on!
  • Fam bam’s Phone Nos. : Be it the mother, the father, or even the mamas and the chachas, have some family numbers too on your phone. You never know when you might need to give them a ring perhaps even to give them THE ring!
  • Contact number of the groom’s best man : We’re sure you’ll get pally with the best man, be it the groom’s brother or best friend from the group. Use your Charm and keep Make sure to store his number too for blow-by-blow updates on the Jooti groom so you’re always in the loop! (after all keep your friends close keep your enemies closer 😈)
  • Phone Memory : It’s your best friend’s wedding! You can’t possibly keep a count of the pictures and videos you’ll take. Make sure to have ample storage space in your phone.

Essentials for the Your ride as the VIP Indian Bridesmaids

Indian bridesmaids essentials for her car | Indian bridesmaid duties | DIY Indian Wedding survival Kit

  • Extra pairs of shoes : Heels can break, or absolutely kill your feet. Have extra pair of flats handy for yourself and the bride.
  • Extra pair of Groom’s shoes : Remember you inside contact the Groom’s Bff? Well find out what juts juju’s wearing and get an exact doppelgänger for a sly win! Joota Churai money is yours, by hook or by crook 😜
  • A First-aid kit : Don’t forget to keep all essential medicines and band-aids. Anything can go wrong! Ps Super important – bandaid for the new shoes you’re wearing and ear cream for all the damage those heavy earrings will do to your piercing!
  • Car-o-Bar : This one is for them Jain style weddings with no alcohol. Hey! You never said you wouldn’t cheat! 😇

So Start packing girls! This is one wedding survival drill that will make sure you’ll slay your  Indian bridesmaid duties without breaking a sweat as the Bride’s BFF and go-to beauty! 😘


Have any essentials you think we should add? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎⬇︎

Featured Image Source – Mehar Photography