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Portrait mehendi Divyanka Tripathi on Witty vows
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Portrait Mehendi – the new trend you NEED to know everything about!

Divyanka Tripathi tied the knot last week and the Internet has been going nuts over it!

Firstly for all you girls out there wondering who she is {or those refusing to accept they KNOW who she is} – Divyanka is the lead actress in the hit Star Plus TV show Yeh Hain Mohabbatein (Don’t judge me for knowing this, I do spend a lot of time with my dadi and she spends hers with star tv 😛 ) but most importantly she is a real bride who nailed a simple wedding with some kick ass details!

Just for that, she deserves some MAJOR respect. Of the plethora of fairytale details, one that captured our imagination the most was her super arty mehendi! No, not the ceremony, but literally her choice of mehendi design – portrait style!

Portrait mehendi Divyanka Tripathi on Witty vows
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Thanks to Divyanka having your S.O.’s name in your mehendi is now officially passé! With her fiancé Vivek’s face sketched out on her palm instead, Divyanka is giving some serious mehendi goals to all the girls out there.

So lets begin with the basics, ladies….

WHY should you indulge in this trend?

{ Trust me its not just because it’s trending, there’s so many more reasons!}

#1 It’s super pretty and super intense both at the same time.

#2 If done right, it a crazy stunning detail to have

#3 It’s as close as you can get to that permanent tattoo without all the pins and needles – what do you know, there can be gain without pain!

#4 If his face on your palm doesn’t say I love you, hell, I don’t know what does!

Okay, okay lets be practical and consider the drawbacks as well :

#1 Some may find it well, actually crazy and a tad overboard (but who cares? Its your day, you do it your way!)

#2 It’s not mehendi anymore, its art and as you know art is a little expensive but well worth it  😆

#3 As pretty as it looks when wet, since this kind of mehendi is very bareek/fine it doesn’t always darken as well as the usual traditional henna – but its amazing while it lasts so that shouldn’t deter you!

Screw it! Its so cool you want to do it anyways…

Now that you KNOW you want to get this, Here’s WHERE you can get this*

Meet Harin Dalal the man who literally invented this style of portrait mehendi. Harin is an artist who applies his art in the medium of henna to achieve awe inspiring results.

Other than Harin,  Jyoti Chheda and Kundan Mehendi are proficient in this portrait art.

That leaves us with HOW to get this, yes there is a process to this magical mehendi art:

DISCLAIMER : This is not a last minute thing girls! We all know how much time a bride spends getting her bridal mehendi, but in this case the artist actually spends weeks in advance preparing their skill to achieve this henna perfection.

Let’s break it down in 4 steps:

  1. Bride finds a crazy kickass mehendi artist who can do this *refer to where to get this!
  2. Bride hands over her portrait pictures along with those of her fiancé to the artist weeks in advance.
  3. The artist then spends all this time rehearsing this sketch with henna on paper
  4. Now he’s ready to give you a picture perfect mehendi on the mehendi day.

As are you to rock your mehendi fully empowered with all the inside scoop on this new trend! So girls get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve and your love in your palms 🙂

Portrait mehendi Divyanka Tripathi on Witty vows
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