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Eco-friendly weddings in 2020
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Indian Wedding Planning – How to plan an Eco-friendly Wedding in 2020

Planning an Indian wedding is always fun, specially an intimate wedding that involves everyone! As much as we love ‘ghar ki shaadi‘, we absolutely hate the kind of waste weddings create. But, one benefit of an intimate wedding is definitely having more control over how to reduce this waste! So, if you’re getting married and want to plan an eco-friendly wedding, then read on to see easy hints on how you can cut the carbon footprint for your wedding in 2020!

Your Eco-friendly Wedding Planning Guide in 2020

As your wedding in 2020 is going to be an intimate home affair, here’s how to make it Eco-friendly and not an environmental nightmare!

E-invites for Millennial Brides

Gone are the days where no physical card meant guests would feel bad! Guests nowadays prefer e-invites with no paper waste. Since these are delivered digitally, they’re also covid safe! Whatever you save on the invitations, you can use to get them beautiful gifts at the wedding!

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Simple & Effective Corner Decor

Another perk of a home wedding is that you have to dress up lesser space – with just a backdrop and some accents you have completely lift up your place! A great way to be even more responsible is to use the same backdrop with little change for different events like your haldi and mehendi! Work with natural desi flowers and not artificial ones as these will decompose and not contribute to further synthetic waste!

PS- These decor ideas will save you some bucks and look great too, so have a look.

Eco-friendly Wedding Favors To Stay Forever!

Potted plants are the cutest favors! They also make beautiful centerpieces that guests can take away, adorable and affordable we say! It’s an act that’ll have an everlasting effect on our environment, making it an eco-friendly wedding in 2020 with an amazing favor and this little decor hack!

PS – you can even swap your centrepieces with potted plants and ask your guests to take the ones from their table home 🙂

Check Your Crockery And Cutlery For A Trendy Wedding In 2020

Traditional Sajjan goth inspired dinners aren’t just trending but, are also environment friendly! Instead of disposable/bone china based crockery, opt for thalis in brass/steel lending to your function full-on desi feels! Cut out straws from your bar too! This way there’ll be less waste and lesser things to consider at the wrap up time too!

Donate Food, For Good

In Indian weddings we always have surplus food, so instead of throwing it out, please donate. You can even ask your guests to donate a meal, as a wedding gift and feed the ones who need food in these unusual times of covid.

Digital Sagan for Eco-friendly Wedding

Paper envelops | Sagan | Indian Wedding Gifts | Trending | Wedding 2020
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Instead of wasting so many envelopes in cash gifts, register your wedding instead. If your guests still insist on giving you sagan, make sure it’s a digital one with a cutely designed wedding barcode! Sagan lifafas are hardly used again and cause a lot of paper waste. To avoid any confusion you can mention ‘no lifafas‘ in your wedding invitation.

Trousseau Packing With A Conscience

While packing your trousseau or hampers for guests, opt for reusable/fabric packing instead of plastic wraped baskets/boxes. Mulmul potlis or reusable boxes are a great way to do this. You canteen have beautiful metal/wooden trunks made, not only they look gorgeous they also last long, meaning less harm to environment all along!

Hope you like these ideas to make your wedding planning in 2020 eco-friendly and environmentally safe!


Featured Image Source: With Love Nilma; Roma Ganesh Photography | Henna By Divya Patel | Jay & I Events