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What type of Indian Mother-in-law do you have?

When a girl’s getting married there’s a LOT going through her mind. While she knows what she’s getting into with BAE, the real mystery is what sort of Indian Mother In Law is she going to find? You don’t just marry him, you totally marry his mom, who can be awesome but can also be a total tough bomb!

Here are different Indian mother-in-law types see if you can spot yours  😛

The Needy One

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She’ll need more attention than your husband. You didn’t just marry the man child, but also his equally childlike mom! She WILL want you to call her daily, spend time with her ALL the TIME, accompany her to kitty parties where she can show you off etc. etc. You get it, right? 

The Nosy One

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She is the one who wants to know every single detail about your daily routine. She wants to know whether her son is being responsible or staying out late partying, whether you are wasting her son’s hard earned money on designer bags and shoes too?

The Jackpot

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You totally got lucky! As long as she isn’t coming on to you too strong, having a MIL who wants to be your best friend is great! Yours is a warm, welcoming and nurturing Mother in law who treats you like the daughter she never had, rather than someone who stole their precious son. #score

The Judgey One

(c) Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai

She’s the one who thinks she didn’t gain a daughter but lost her son! *ouch* And that’s NO fun!  She’s totally NOT thrilled about that. Good luck trying to impress her with anything you do for her, your husband or the family in general. She can be sooo tough to deal with because of her snide comments. #rough

The one who can’t wait to become…a Dadi!

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She’s perfectly nice but has made it very clear that she expects you to get cracking on the baby-making as soon as the ring is on your finger! She obviously didn’t put it quite like that, but you got the not so subtle HINTS though, right girls?

The One who Loves Traditions

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Get ready for a lifetime of peri paunas and superstitions! She is the one who follows tradition and expects you to do the same, No matter how lame! Like not to wear black or white for at least one year after the wedding (Yikes) She’ll also expect you to up your culinary game to her standards (gulp!) so her son is well fed and doesn’t get kamzor

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The Limelight Lover

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This one loves to steal the spotlight! *Sigh* She will be likely to wear a lehenga heavier than yours to YOUR wedding and a possibly a backless gown to your cocktail party *cant see*. Get ready for an eternal war of who’s getting more attention! Wishing you luck 🤗👍🏻

Did you spot yours on the list? Do tell us what type of MIL you got in the comments below ⬇︎



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