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Why The NO Makeup Look is THE (L)IT Bridal Makeup Trend for 2020

Minimal makeup for brides is one of our favourite trends that’s super fresh and oh so real! So, if you’re a bride-to-be who is looking for something that’s not in your face (pun intended), then this trend is definitely yours to ace! While everyone is going to tell you to really go nutters for makeup, we’re saying go light, here’s all the reasons why the minimal no makeup look for bridal makeup is just right….

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Reasons Why You Need To Consider A No Makeup Look For Your Bridal Makeup

Dare To Stand Out 

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T’was a time when makeup was the way to stand out. But, in a world where every second video is a makeup tutorial, it’s no surprise that every bride has heavy smokey eyes and a bold pout. So, why not be the bride who goes natural and actually stands out? Opt for a more fresh no make-up look, be different and make a style statement. 

The Morning After 

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Let’s not shock BAE and the in-laws because you ain’t going to have a makeup artist on call the next morning. So let’s not make the change from wedding to reality so drastic that you leave everyone in shock 😛

The After (Wedding) Life 

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Your wedding look will be seen by ALL of the people you know ( in real life AND on Instagram). And honestly, you may not want to spend so much time and money on your makeup every single time for the million celebrations and phera dinners after, So do you really want your wedding to be that one time you looked fab or be the girl that looks pretty all the time, ‘coz guess what, people WILL compare. (yikes)

Not FAB for Flirting & More  

Pankuri Kiss
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It’s obvious when you look that good, BAE wont be able to keep his hands off you. Heavy make-up will not be your best friend if you want to act like high school kids and sneak a makeout session in between your wedding function (you can hope no one finds out). But, in reality, they’ll all know from your smudged up makeup and pout! Damn! 

Getting Ready for BED!

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After a long night of pheras, meeting what feels like 10000 people and partying like crazy, you just want to hit the sack, and not peel off that heavy layer of make-up off your face! Minimal make-up not only looks great but, its low maintenance (even if you are sloshed, trust us!) 

There, now that you know, we’re sure you’ll decide a no makeup look is teh way to go! Tag a bride to be to help her decide too!



Featured Image Source – Priyanka & Rishad’s Wedding