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Coolest Indian Wedding Invitation Videos We Spotted From Designers Setting Trends In Video E-Invites !

In this day and age – the trend is to share everything digitally, rather than on a physical page! And, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital E-invites are the safest bet too. The best weddings this year started with the cutest Indian videos, and so, this paperless direction is perfect for you. It is efficient, eco-friendly and who doesn’t love a video with peppy music to literally set the tone for your wedding! To help you find the right E-invite and designer for it too, we’ve put together the coolest E-invites for you! Have a look !

The Trendiest Wedding E-Invites & Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Videos For Soon-To-Be Hitched Couples !

Our pick of the 5 most hatke Indian wedding invitation videos, in every style and budget 🙂

1. Modern Minimal – Hieco by Simran Monga

Simran’s ‘Shaadi ka ghar‘ series makes for unique digital wedding invites that virtually narrate the sense of home. Moreover, this one is perfect for those who are looking for some high design in their emotions.

2. Pastel Perfection – Itchha Talreja Designs 

A simple GIF invitation with with beautiful watercolor strokes – that’s what you get from Itchha. (PS- If you’re looking for the E-invites of a beach wedding, or a garden party – then this one’s for you.)

3. Luxurious Fun – Hitch & Roister

With Hitch & Roister your entire love story be depicted in movie worthy animations! While this is a on the expensive side, the quality of animations will definitely leave a mark!

4. Cute Caricatures – Pixie Dust & Studio Murphy

If caricatures are what you’re looking for, then check out Gauhar Khan’s filmy wedding invitation by Pixie Dust! Cute and creative both at the same time!

5. Editor’s Pick – PINK Whistle Man

Our most fav. wedding invitation is by the Pink whistle man! No one captures the vibrance of an Indian wedding better than Pink Whistle Man. If you’re looking for a way to customize your emotions in illustrations, then this one is your best bet. Pink Whistle Man not only delivers the best in class illustrations paired with sophisticated animations, but, they also deliver a friendly face to hand hold you throughout the process too. Not just a super fun E-invite, but, also a super fun and hassle free experience with personalised service – Ranjani does a very good job of achieving a wedding story for you on paper AND video!

So what are you waiting for? Do tell us your fav one from the list above!



Featured Image Source : (C) The Murphy Studio | (C) Hieco by Simran Monga | (C) Pink Whistle Man by Ranjani