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How To Choose The Right Hair Accessory For Your Face – Maangtika, Mathapatti and Jhoomar – Finding Your Bridal Jewellery Match !

Every bride dreams of that mesmerising royal bridal look. A gorgeous lehenga paired with heirloom jewellery from head to toe. But what jewellery suits your face and hairstyle is something you MUST first know! While its tempting to wear everything from a paasa to a mathapatti on your head, why not take the choice by consulting our stylists instead? Let us guide you to make that perfect headgear and hair accessory choice for your big wedding day. You wont just wear the fineries but will be able to properly choose between the maangtika, mathapatti, jhoomar and sispatti this way!

How to Pick The Right Hair Accessory For Indian Brides

Traditionally speaking, there are 5 major hair accessories – The bridal mathapatti, the maangtika and its distinctly Rajasthani counterpart ie, the bordla, The jhoomar/passa, the sispatti and the more traditional choti. But, every accessory is not meant for each and everyone of us. There are many factors that determine which bridal hair accessory will suit you the most, let’s find you a match below basis your face so that when you wear your bridal jewellery you look like a vision full of grace!

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Know Your Face Shape

For Brides With A Round Face

If you have a round face, then a Mathapatti is a big no no for you as it reduces the length of the face. The perfect match for a round face is a side hairdo (sideswept loose hair, low side buns/braids) paired with a Jhoomar and/or medium sized bordla. If you’re planning a braid you can opt for small dainty choti pieces as well! PS – If you have your heart set on a Mathapatti, substitute this with a sispati instead to give the illusion of a longer face!

5 Second Summary – YesBorla & Jhoomar | NoMathapatti

Face identity hackTo know your celebrity twin see Sonakshi Sinha, Rani Mukherjee – these ladies carry the round face with lots of glam!

Brides With An Oval face

An oval face is the gold standard of face shapes! You ladies are the lucky ones who can carry any accessory from the jhoomar to mathapatti, maangtika and even sleek buns without any second thought !

5 Second Summary – Yes – All Accessories

Face Identity Hack – Find your celebrity style with Karishma Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor Ahuja!

Triangle Shaped Brides

Your face is known for its pointed chin, wide cheeks and narrow forehead. To adorn yourself just go for a pretty statement maangtika, delicate jhoomar or even a dainty mathapatti!

5 Second Summary – YesMaangtika & dainty mathapatti | No – Bold/chunky accessories

Face Identity Hack – Find your celebrity style with Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt!

Brides With Diamond Shaped Faces

Perfect cheekbones are the X factor of the diamond face! You ladies can gracefully pull off side jhoomars, light maangtikas and chunky mathapattis to Highlight your beautiful cheekbones.

5 Second Summary – YesJhoomar & light Maangtika | No – Chotis

Face Identity Hack – See Kangana Ranaut’s Style to find a perfect jewellery match for you.

Oblong/Rectangular face

Ladies you should go for a broad mathapatti or bold Maangtika to nail the look. Always try to add width to your face with a broad hair accessory.

5 Second Summary – Yes – Bold maangtika/mathapatti | No – Delicate Maangtikas

Face Identity Hack – See Neha Dhupia and Katrina Kaif for their style statement

Brides With Square Shaped Faces

The best feature of your face structure is the strong jawline and defining cut. Avoid symmetry in your hair accessory and choose an asymmetrical mathapatti/sispatti or a maangtika for the grand look with less temple space!

5 Second Summary – YesSispatti/Small Maangtika | No – Bold Mathapattis

Face Identity Hack -Celebrities with square shaped face : Chitrangda Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan!

We are sure you are head over heels for Mathapati, Maangtika and Jhoomar and have found your perfect fit for your lovely face out of these extremely khoobsurat bridal hair accessory ideas . Do tell us your fav bling ?



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