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Swoonworthy Yet Easy DIY Decor Ideas To Add To Your Intimate Indian Wedding

Now that we are ‘unlocking’ from the lockdown, there are a lot of couples who are planning small intimate Indian weddings. However, when it comes to wedding décor, there are so many options to choose from. From elegant chandeliers to vintage rustic crates, there’s something for everyone’s taste :). Whether your venue is posing décor restrictions or whether your style is minimalist or whether you’re on a budget, whatever be the reason, there are always DIY décor ideas to add cute little touches to your wedding decor, which will make your intimate wedding a hit!

Our Fav. DIY Décor Ideas for An Intimate Indian Wedding

Here are some DIY décor ideas for you to add a cute and a personal touch to your intimate Indian wedding.

Personalized Sanitizing Station

Sanitizer Station
Via Our Curated Designs

In this corona time, sanitizing stations are a must for every function you’re gonna have! You can create an Insta-worthy station that not only catches everyone’s attention but is also absolutely adorable too! You can add personalized sanitizer bottles with your names or wedding hashtags along with cute signages and face masks!

Go Green

go green
via urban company blog

If you’re planning to have an intimate Indian wedding in your house garden then opt for a green wall with lots of plants as your backdrop. Not only these walls look fab in photos, but, they are sustainable and in budget too! You can always add some neon signages and fairy lights to amp up the wall.

DIY Decor Elements

If you are having your wedding at home and are confused about the décor, then worry not!. Get those creative juices flowing!! Look for some elements like giant paper flowers, dream catchers, floral strings and mason jars, colourful drapes and fairy lights, that are easily available and can be used to create some awesome DIY backdrops. You have so much to play around with and create the fab decor you always wanted.

Photo Wall

Photo wall
Via Altair on instagram

Add a touch of nostalgia to your wedding decor with a sentimental photo wall. If you have been with your partner for a long time before you decided to tie the knot, then this is perfect for you. Create a photo wall with pictures from your love story over the years, it’ll be fun for you and your guests too to go through memory lane, and see you become the awesome couple you’re today. You can even add photos of your family and friends too to make it a family affair.

Chalkboard Signs

DIY Decor
Via WhatKnot Photography

Nothing cuter than chalkboard signs, are we right? This is also a great way to add those personal touches to the wedding. From wedding hashtags to love quotes, from bar signs to directions for loo, chalkboards look damn cute and are an easy DIY too!

Bright Drapes and Fairy Lights

Looking to brighten up your wedding decor with vivid hues? All you need is flowy drapes and twinkling fairy lights to turn the look of your intimate wedding upside side down.

TIP: for drapes you can use old dupattas and sarees too, to create some cute corners for your photobooth.

Comfy Cushions

We just love cushions when added to wedding decor. Easy to blend and easiest to personalize, cushions are the cutest element for decor DIY. Personalise them with adding your wedding hashtags, cute quotes or just a lovely pattern to go with the whole theme. They are so comfortable yet look so stylish.

Tip: Add cushions to your mandap seating, super cute and super comfy for guests to use.

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Featured Image Source – The Vow Planner, Mumbai