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Indian Wedding Traditions to Break For Your 2020 Wedding

Times are changing and so are weddings, especially – Indian weddings! Indian wedding traditions are changing as millennial couples are more and more progressive and we just LOVE it! Just because we’ve been doing it for a while doesn’t mean its right, theres so many old school traditions that we need to now let go and change! So here is our list of traditions to do away with and new ones to adapt – for millennial couples this list is so apt!

Indian Wedding Traditions For Millennial Weddings

From not seeing each other before the ceremony to a Non- red wedding dress, there are so many new-age wedding anti traditions that are sure to impress!

Keepin it NOT so Red :P!

It’s time you break the monotony. Choose a colour which makes you happy. (It’s YOUR wedding after all!) If you don’t want to wear a red lehenga DON’T. Go with the colour which makes you look stunning on the D-Day cuz you are a 2020 bride, need to be up to date with your bridal style at all times!

What is in the Name…

You don’t have to change your last name on Facebook or in real life after you’ve tied the knot, it’s 2020! Take a cue from Deepika Padukone – It’s YOUR decision and it’s totally acceptable what you want to be called even after becoming a wife :D!

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Oops, I saw the groom!

The most famous tradition is to not see your groom or bride before the wedding ceremony. Enter Snapchat. A Pre-wedding peek is a new tradition we’re totally game for!  It’s totally okay to sneak a peek at BOO on their insta story before you live your happily ever after together!

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Infact, we’re also seeing a new trend for first reveal videos where the photographers capture the couple’s first reaction on seeing each other before the wedding!

No Alcohol on the big day!

You should be able to celebrate the way YOU want to! So if your happy high starts with a swig of beer, do that without fear!

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The brideZillaChilla

If you are the chiller bride who swears by hookah or loves dancing on crazy item songs, do that on your wedding. Not being yourself is a tradition that you’ll be dreading!

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Kaleeres falling on the girl squad only

Yes! The bride has boy friends that are super close to her! Deal with it! Even better, all her chuddy buddy bros line down for the kaleere dropping ceremony. Why just focus on the girlfriends in this one? A bride’s guy friends are second to none!

kaleera droping | Indian wedding traditions | | Temple wedding in Delhi | The bride showering her kaleera on her bridesmaid.
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‘Get to know him AFTER the wedding’ –Chat mangni Pat Biya no more!

It’s OKAY to take time to know each other, Heck! Get your squad to know BAE too! Throw a combined youngsters for double the fun. Make your friends meet his friends. Break the ice, play nice! You can even ask for your dream proposal 😀 !

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Who says only the bachelor’s can party?

Plan a fun bachelorette party with all your girlfriends that are your bridesmaid A.K.A your tribe 💞 (A total MUST). Take them for a weekend getaway or plan a full-fledged trip with them. Let your hair down, Go with your girls & paint the town!

destination ideas for a bachelorette part | girls having spa and sipping vine
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The Demure bridal entry!

Rock your entry the way you want to! Dazzle the whole crowd by your charm and charisma, don’t be shy, slay your bridal entry the way you want to!

Invite the whole damn world – Nahh!

If you want an intimate wedding, then go forward with it.  You don’t have to call every person you’ve ever met because it’s in the “books.” Call only those who are in it for your happiness. Don’t care what anyone thinks or ‘how it looks’

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