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Bridal Colour Guide – Lucky Colours For 2021 Brides As Per Your Zodiac Sign !

Astrology and weddings are closely connected to each other. From finding out “shubh muhurats” to matching the horoscopes, we all have something auspicious we believe in! So if you’re a believer bride too – How about knowing your lucky colours, this wedding season ? Yes, you read it right ! We’ve got you the cheat code to the luckiest bridal colour for the 2021 brides, based on their zodiac sign. Have a look !

Check Out The Lucky Colours For 2021 Brides, On The Basis Of Your Zodiac Sign !

Luck for our 2021 brides – pick your lucky colour for your wedding trousseau and add ’em in your bridal look, for the ultimate magic !


Brides with an Aries sun sign are known for their energetic and bold demeanor! From fiery red to deep maroon, red is all yours !

red lehengas | bridal twirl | bridal red lehengas
(C) Dream Diaries, Mumbai

Lucky colour : Vermillion Red 


If you’re a taurean bride, just go for the shades of green colour. Taurus are giving, pure and calm in nature. And this wedding season, green is your lucky colour !

wedding photography | 2021 weddings
(C) Sabyasachi

Lucky colour : Emerald Green & Sage


Geminis are known for their happy-go-lucky attitude and outgoing personalities. Feel free to flaunt the bright yellow or peppy orange for more happiness, on your big D day !

zodiac sign | 2021 brides | yellow lehenga
(C) Smiti Mittal

Lucky colour : lemon & mustard Yellow, sunset Orange


Here comes the most intuitive sign of our zodiac family ! Pastel shades are perfect for your fairy tale wedding and yes, your lucky charm too;)

bridal colour | lucky colours
(C) Badal Raja Company

Lucky colour : Lavender, Duck Egg blue, Pastel pink


Leo woman is the lioness, for real ! She is confident, glamorous and yes, in other words she loves a lot of attention. You can never go wrong with the golden hues on your grand wedding celebration !

metallic lehengas | golden lehengas | bridal lehengas
(C) Cupcake Productions, Gurgaon

Lucky colour : Golden


Our perfectionists virgos are all about details. (PS- In other words, Virgo women spend the maximum amount of time in planning their wedding trousseau).Trust us virgo girls, earthy shades will bring you so much mirth and yes, you’ll look like a diva!

pastel brides | sikh wedding | sikh brides
(C) Amrit Photography

Lucky colour : Brown, beige & cream


Librans are die hard romantics and have a balanced approach in their life. For our lovelies, icy blue, baby pink will do the wonders !

pastel brides | 2021 brides | zodiac signs
(C) Ivy Weddings

Lucky colour : Icy blue, baby pink


Mystery is the second name of our gorgeous Scorpio brides ! Scorpio brides are known for experimenting a loooooot! You can never go wrong with a touch of black, grey, dark red and deep hued earthy colours- will make you even more happy, for sure!

bridal wear | party wear | lehanga |red lehenga
(C) Recall Pictures

Lucky colours : Dark monochrome shades, dark red or any colour in dark 


Sagittarian brides are the adventure seekers and are very lively ! Anything multicoloured or purple shades, shower blessings on our happiest girls ! (PS- They always add something really new in their bridal wear !)

brides of Sabyasachi | bridal colour | purple lehenga | lucky colours
(C) Sabyasachi | (C) Hitched & Clicked

Lucky colours : Purple shades 


Capricorn ladies are ambitious, modest and an eternal optimist. And it feels like your lucky colours- brown and grey hued bridal wears are just meant for you ! (PS- Moreover, Classiness is the middle name of the Capricorn brides ! )

2021 brides | bridal lehengas | lucky colours
(C) Isha Multani | (C) Sam & Ekta | (C) Manish Malhotra

Lucky colour : Grey & silver


Aquarius have that hatke factor in ’em! They are known for an unconventional lifestyle and an untamed persona.

blue lehengas | bridal trends
(C) Anita Dongre

Lucky colour : Feel free to experiment with all the shades of blue !


Here comes our dreamy piscean bride ! They are the dreamers of our world, and have healing powers..which makes ’em unreal !

bridal pastel lehengas | bridal portrait | bridal veil
(C) Siddharth Sharma

Lucky colour : Pisceans, light green is your lucky colour this wedding season !

Each bride is unique, and so is her zodiac sign with distinct lucky colours. Don’t forget to check your lucky bridal colour, for even more blessings !



Featured Image Source : (C) Smiti Mittal | (C) Sabyasachi | (C) Anita Dongre