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Coffee, Sugar & Kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs. – Trending Yummy Indian Wedding Favour Ideas to Drool Over 😋🍫

Indian weddings are incomplete without the quintessential meethai, tons and tons of it really! Good news MUST be accompanied with something sweet, but why go for the old school cliché treat? Try one of these trending edible indian wedding favour ideas instead to give your guests with your card, making your wedding  trend without even trying hard! We’re Talking fab favours that will make your guests drool and their adorable packing is also, oh so cool!

Your love is Sweet give a Treat 🍬 5  Trending Edible Indian Wedding Favour Ideas that are Yum AF

Badam, Kaju and barfi are so yesterday, these super yum favours are the trending way!

1. ‘Tea – Rific’ Tea/Coffee Favours

For all those couples whose love brewed over a cup of tea/coffee, go for these favours, best of all you have a wide choice of flavours! Blooming, organic or regular, this makes for the perfect indian wedding favor idea. Add in cute little quotes – “the perfect blend” “Tea-rific” or even details like hashtags or to add a extra personal touch, Awesome much?

Where – Doable DIY Alert! this Idea at home, get tea with small honey jars and ask your invitation box people to place them in a pouch!

2 – Life is salty – Love is sweet –  Paired Spiked Chocolate Treats

Pairing is caring, yes my friend, paired chocolates mini bites is a hot new trend. We aint talking regular chocolates but alcohol spiked ones with a sober friend!  If you’re looking for chocolate favours, then set your guests up for a guaranteed happy high, with these trending chocolate couplets!

Where – Our fav new baker and spiked chocolate maker – The Mellow Yellow co. will whip up the most amazing flavour combinations ever!  Best of all, The Mellow Yellow pegs pairings as per your custom palette, that’s what won them brownie points on the baker ballot! P.s. Try their fab Baileys spiked chocolate squares paired with the hot new flavour fav – Salted caramel *DROOOOL*🍫

3.  Customised Fortune Cookies 

Get yummy edible fortune cookie with personalised messages for them guests. Your guests will ‘crack up’ with these fun messages like no one else 😂 😄

Where – Drop us a Message & we will help you find your Fortune cookie.

4. ‘In Sickness AND in Health’ – Healthy Yummy Granola

Healthy and Yummy is a deadly combination (just like you and BAE) so if you’re looking to gift some gulit-free goodies, granola is the perfect favour trend to slay! It’s even a good way to stick to your roots, granola is a sweet remix of the traditional dry fruits. So don’t just gift your guests meetha, literally gift them good health 🙂

Where – To help you out we’ve gone and found an amazing home- sweet maker with the most delicious granola around! If Granola is your pick then you MUST head over to A.S.A.P for their chocolate/ mocha granola in mason jars with a pretty pack!  P.S. Get a pack for your self to feed your wedding stress, you’ll binge without bulges (Gluten free & Vegan!) and look fab in your wedding dress!

5. Swoon over a Macaroon!

Macaroons are another trending favour Favourite that are doing the rounds (Pun intended). Colour coordinate them with your wedding card and theme, and the resultant favour will be the thing of your dreams. We even recommend getting them monogrammed with your initials or packed with cute quotes.

Where – Bread and more & L’opera have some fab macaroons you can totally gift!

And thats a ‘wrap’ on all the chocolate and yumminess. It’s okay to drool, that’s our number one rule 😝

Tell us your favourite edible indian wedding favour ideas in the comments below ⬇️

Featured Image Source: Design Tuk Tuk