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Brides Reveal – Personal & Home Essentials Every Bride Needs In Her Bridal Trousseau

Clothes aside, there’s a lot more that counts as a trousseau essential for an Indian bride. With everyone of your friends and family adding more items to your trousseau list, it can be so confusing to know what is a MUST buy. To make this easier for you, we asked brides to reveal what they felt was essential and why. They’re revealing not just their top trousseau picks but also the best brands to buy!

Real Brides Reveal Their Favourite Indian Bridal Trousseau Essentials

From clothes to crockery, there’s so many things to choose. You worry what out of this you’ll ACTUALLY use! From practical beauty secrets to must have home essentials, our brides reveal what they felt were things you must pack. Read on for the ultimate bridal trousseau hack :

#1 Fuss Free Hair Extensions

As a new bride, you have so many dinners to attend. Professional hairdos cost a hefty dime, plus, so much torture to your hair is quite the crime. That is why hair extensions are a top trousseau pick. These easy accessories eliminate the entire hair styling fuss for party-ready hair 🙂

Our Pick – Head over to Nish Hair Extensions on instagram, where you can get a customised set to pair with your natural hair!

Stylist Serveware & Delightful Dinnerware

When you manage your own kitchen, is when you really understand the true meaning of the words “you eat from your eyes” – it’s not just the taste, but, in presentation is where the secret lies. Whether it’s your favourite dish from back home or the new recipe you tried out – your crockery is what makes it complete without a doubt! So, if you’re planning your trousseau, don’t opt for just any crockery set, because, we’ve shortlisted not just the brand, but, even the best dinnerware collection to get!

Our Pick: An evergreen favourite, Borosil has gorgeous designer dinner sets too, their Larah collection that’s non toxic and food safe, is perfect for you! We love that everything from this collection is 100% vegetarian and completely bone ash free. After all, what you eat in is just as important as the food itself, that’s why you need the Larah collection in your kitchen shelf. Stunning, safe and practical for us millennial girls, this collection is both microwave AND pocket friendly too!

Beautiful Bedding & Coordinated Comforters

Every girl needs cozy comforters for those perfect cuddles with bae! <3 Another old school essential brides definitely used are some beautiful bed sheet and quilt sets. Your bed is after all 60% of your new space, it’s a complete crime to not adorn it with linen that you’d love to see all the time!

Our Pick: D Decor is definitely one of our favourite go-to bed linen brands. Check out their balayage collection for beautiful & modern designs.

Comfortable PJs

Via : Ankita Ragahv Arora

Sexy lingerie & satin teddies are something BAE will love. But, you’ll start craving your comfy PJs after a while! Plus, you’ll need clothes you can wear in front of other people too at night, seeing your barely there nightwear could give them quite a fright! Our brides recommend getting few cute and comfy PJ sets to make sure your 2 am version looks cuddle worthy!

Our Pick – Head to M&S for the cutest his & her night sets!

An Epilator or Razor

Epilator is must |#RealBridesREVEAL - Wedding trousseau packing made easy, essentials that you’ll use!
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Calm your inner feminist while we tell you the next essential. Brides suggest investing in an epilator/razor for every girl! Being newlywed, it’s too early in your relationship to try out No Shave November. After all, Bae fell in love with a GIRL we’ll have you remember! Specially in the times right now, you’ll definitely need a nifty friend like this!

Our Pick – The braun silk epilator comes highly recommended by our brides as value for money!

Favourite Photo Frames

(C) impressionsbyannuj .

When shifting your life from one home to another, you definitely need your memories to tide you by. A set of gorgeous photo frames are a must, that’s why! Plus, our brides say, having a ready photo frame is a definite incentive to sort the photos from your wedding day!

Our PickAddress Home is our top photo frame spot for sure, head here to find the perfect place holders for your memories and also some gorgeous new room decor!

For all the to-be brides out there, congratulations, with these essentials your bridal trousseau will be perfect AND practical!

Cover Image: Louis Vuitton Via Vogue | Borosil | D Decor |Nish Hair