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Home Décor Ideas For Indian Couples to Amp up their New Home!

Getting married to bae, is like a dream come true! But, leaving your parent’s house & shifting to your love nest is not as easy as it sounds! Most new brides feel homesick at their sasuraal, and it’s the little things that help make them feel better in the new home! So if you’re getting married too, read on to know how you can break into the new space with these home décor ideas and make it more homey as the new bahu!

Home Décor Ideas For Indian Couples To Make Their New House Feel Like Home

We asked our brides what they felt would help Indian couples make their transition in the new house easier and they suggested these easy décor hacks that helped them settle in 🙂

Add Cozy Cushions

How much cushions are too much? Well, cushions can change the whole look of your room and make it look super comfy. Add your favorite cushions to your bed or sitting area, and get super comfortable just like you are at your parents house.

Create A Window Corner For Snuggles Or Me Time

A cozy corner to snuggle up with you favorite book and coffee, sounds like heaven no? You can have this slice of heaven in your new home by creating a sitting space near a small window! Just a corner to unwind and relax!

Add Photo Frames

The cutest way to add your fam and friends to your décor! Add beautiful photo frames on your dressing tables and nightstands to feel more close to your fam, with full glam!

Home Is In The Little Details

Night lamp | Scented candles | Home décor ideas
(C) Gayatri Goswami

Be it your little furry soft toy or your favorite night lamp, add these little something borrowed, something old kinda accessories to your house to make it feel more like home! Scented candles can also add their charm to the place and make it more calm!

Dedicate (Wall) Space To Your New Memories

Photo wall | Photo frames | Family and friends
(C) casalawson Instagram

While you still miss your maayeka, it’s time to cherish the memories you are making in the sasural! Add your and your spouse’s photos to the room, be it wedding photos or photos from your firsts. Just the act of making way for the new unit that’s you and bae will take your wedding blues away!

PS – opt for one highlight wall with wallpaper for this. That will surely stand out and grab everyone’s attention.

Add A Tuck Drawer

Tuck drawer | Snacks | Chocolates | Mid night snacking
(C) Andrew Lamb

If mid-night snacks are your first love, then you have to have a tuck drawer full of all your fav. snack so you don’t need to run to kitchen every night. We bet you won’t miss your parent’s house while having Nutella in bed at midnight 😛

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Add Gorgeous Greens

If gardening at home was a part of your self care routine, then you must do it at your new home too! Add few green plants to your room and spend some time taking care of them. This will change the look of your new room and make it more inviting 🙂

Add in Organizers

Adjusting to a new home is messy enough especially if you have to work from home too! If you’re also working from home, then it’s best to have it all organized! From your work table to wardrobe, you need everything in place to save you time and avoid having my work/your work messy conversations!

Hope these little changes help you make feel at home in your new house 🙂



Featured Image Source: Picture House Photography | Stars Aligned Studio