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Matching Couple Colours- Ways to Match Your Couple Outfits

Are you one of those ‘Made for Each Other’ couples? Why not show off that compatibility by showing the matching couple colours in your outfits? This way your Perfect Pair will stand out for miles! 😍 There’s so many various details where you can match with BAE, many fab combinations where you can twin away..😍 We’re revealing the best match combos we saw the real couples rock, check them out below and we’re sure you too will find a combo to lock! 😎

(c) Zohaib Ali Photography (UK)

5 Easy Ways To Match Your Couple Outfits

His Saafa Pagdi – Her lehenga

One of the most foolproof ideas for matching wedding outfits, this is a combo that never fails to impress! #NoStress

His Waistcoat – Her Lehenga

One of the creative matching couple colours in your outfit can be done even with his waistcoat and your lehenga❤️ !  

(c) Colorblind Production
(c) Recall Pictures

His Pocket square – Her Lehenga

This is perfect for the couples who don’t want to go for complete twining at their Wedding! It gives you ample room to experiment with different colours and styles, but still letting you to coordinate clothes with BAE!

His Tie – Her Lehenga

This one is the best way to coordinate your outfits for other wedding functions as well! If your man is going to wear formals, then get him a tie matching to your attire and sets the bar for matching outfits a little higher!

His Sherwani – Her Lehenga (this one is a fav, style !)

Now that’s how you twin for a total win-win! Outfits that are made for each other just like you and Bae! A perfect matching couple colours match 🌻!


Do let us know in the comments below your favourite style and tag bae to coordinate away!

Featured Image Source – Recall Pictures , Vows & Tales