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Perks of Being an Internet Bride – Why All Millennial Indian Brides Are Planning their Weddings Online!

Getting married is always special no matter which generation you belong to. But, it’s us millennial brides who have some of the most amazing services, ideas and for Indian Wedding planning in every way, to help us plan our special day. So, if you’re a millennial bride tying the knot too, here’s a why planning your wedding online is something you’ll want to do!

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Here’s why planning your wedding online is the Smart(est) thing to do

More in our (Digital) Wallets

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According to a study we millennials are spending more money on Weddings as compared to any other generation! Unlike our moms, being able to plan our weddings by ourselves gives us more control over our expenses. It’s not about how much we spend but about HOW smartly we spend it! Wedding planning and purchasing online helps us know exactly what all options exist for everything. From the outfit to the honeymoon, right to the decor – we know which one is our own budget best!

P.S. – Online deals and cash backs on planning smaller elements of your decor, ticketing, e-invites online is a fab way to save right!

Indian Wedding Planning on the Go!

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As most of us are working, we don’t have time to sit with the planner and discuss everything. We’d love to plan it on our phone over our fav. apps. Finding inspiration on Instagram, boards on Pinterest, sharing ideas over Whatsapp – that’s how we plan. All this makes wedding planning easy and the bridechilla breezy!

PS – Here’s our list of handpicked apps to help you plan your wedding on the go!

Vendors who Vibe with us

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We want our weddings to be ours and not a copy of someone else’s! To do this, it’s very important we find vendors who ‘get us’ and not get to us :P. This too, is now super easy with Wedding planning apps with checklists like WedMeGood. Here, you can find the right vendors and connect with them. You even get access to their work along with honest user reviews. Basically all the tools to find the dream wedding team for you!

Keeping (on) Track

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Indian wedding planning can be pretty hectic, especially for them OCD brides. For all us control queens, it’s a boon to be able to sync our calendars, spreadsheets and checklists to keep a complete track. In this way too, for Indian Wedding planning, technology has our back!

Don’t just plan, Get featured.

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Brides of today don’t just want a pretty wedding, we girls need it to be absolutely Instaworthy! After all, if it’s not on Instagram did it even happen? Planning online helps keep us aware of the trends, so that we too can get featured doing this with our trends! Following our favourite portals throughout the planning journey helps us identify where we’d like to see our wedding features too!

PS – To request your wedding feature on WittyVows – head here.

I DO to DIYs

Our generation may be big on money but we love our DIYs and special moments. After all, what is a wedding without personal touch, you’ve got to love all the DIY ideas available on pinterest and wedding blogs as such! So from the perfect entry song to that surprise flashmob moment on the big day, just hit your favourite blogs to learn from super brides and sites to plan away!

So ladies, what have you thought? All of this proves that shifting away from typical planners and planning your wedding online is definitely the best option you’ve got!

Featured Image Source – Rajesh Digital and Bride Sonika Ajmera’s Wedding