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Chandni Singh working her magic on a bride wearing peach lehenga

Real Brides REVEAL – What all you need to look for to Pick the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi!

Whether you’re somebody who’s a makeup queen or someone who can never get that eyeliner straight even after 5 attempts (#NoFUN 😛). Your MUA is one person you’re concerned about since Day one! After all, who doesn’t want to make the groom go weak in his knees, but, then you look at the makeup artist’s fees (shudder 🙈). Yes, we agree, Bridal Makeup costs ain’t funny, that’s why we’re listing out things you need to look for in your MUA to make them worth the price. There’s a lot more than the final look that makes an MUA the right one for different types of brides and we’re revealing them here, coz we’re super nice😇. We got your back (face AND pocket) ‘coz our Real Brides Reveal why their MUAs were their pick for the Best bridal makeup artists in Delhi and what you should look for too

Here’s Every kind of Bride & what She looked for to Pick the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi from Everyone She Tried ⬇︎💄

Here goes, in no particular order 😇

For The Self Professed Makeup Pro – POOJA KHURANA

Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi, bride getting ready in golden lehenga by Pooja Khurana
(C) Pooja Khurana Makeovers

I wanted somebody who would be flexible in taking recommendations rather than forcing a look on me. Pooja is so caring that way, she’s also super punctual (no diva tantrums – ‘coz let’s face it you’re the only one allowed to be a diva that day!) and she also travels to the venue which was a MAJOR plus for me.’

For the Makeup Newbie – MEERA SAKHRANI

Bride with passa getting ready by Meera
(C) Meera Sakhrani

‘I CAN’T do makeup to save my life, so naturally I wanted someone who’ll fully takeover and NOT make me feel like a makeup dummy still! Meera was perfect for this! She’s somebody who knows exactly what will make you look and FEEL good. You can sit back & trust her with all your heart. Oh! And she also walks you through the makeup she uses which BTW is DAMN GOOD QUALITY. You know where exactly is all that money going!’

For the DIY ones looking to be more than just a one day diva – ANUBHA DAWAR

bridal makeup artist in delhi | Anubha Dawar
(C) Anubha Dawar

Anubha makes you feel like there’s nothing on your face – her makeup is full of grace, but best of all she helps you also become a makeup ace! Because she’s a makeup master trainer, Anubha gives you life saving TIPS to DIY your makeup for all those never-ending post wedding functions too! Total Paisa Wasool!’

For Bride’s wanting skin care rather than just Makeup (sensitive skin alert!) – CHANDNI SINGH

Delhi wedding, Indian Bridal photos
(C) Design Aqua from Kiah and Ron’s wedding 

I had booked Chandni Singh for my D Day,  and it was the best decision I ever made! She was so particular about meeting beforehand so that she could see my skin and help me better that first, ‘coz makeup ain’t magic and no one wants the post wedding skin to look tragic! Thanks to Chandni I didn’t just have great makeup, I had great skin. It was a total #winwin. Plus she’s so well aware of ALL the latest makeup trends.

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For the NO heavy makeup Bride – JASMEET KAMPANY

Red lehenga bride dolled up by Jasmeet
(C) Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup via Morvi Images

‘If you want to keep it stunning yet light, Jasmeet is just right. She gives this simple yet glam look that I instantly fell in love with. Not to forget, she’s so friendly that all those jitters just go away, unlike the makeup that stayed all night 😜!’

There, now you know what ALL a Makeup artist can do! They don’t just make you look pretty but FEEL good too – that’s why it’s important to weigh so much more to find the best makeup artist for you 💖

More than worth their weight in gold glitter, wouldn’t you say, a good makeup artist can really make your day 🙌🏼

What made you pick your Make Up Artist? Tell us in the comments below ⬇︎