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The Indian Bride Checklist – Things To Do After Your Roka Ceremony

He asked and you said yes! Congratulations. Now that you have had your roka ceremony, take a deep breath and relax while you get used to that rock on your finger! Soon you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and taken by storm of emotions, but to help you plan yourself right we’ve got the checklist of things to keep you calm!

The Indian Bride Checklist – Things To Do After Your Roka Ceremony

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Call your Family & Friends

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Tell your extended family and friends! Video calls are in order to tell that BFF and cousin who has been by your side since you two were in nappies! Tell her before that nosy aunty break the news to her!

Enjoy the Moment

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You’re not a single lady anymore, let that sink in. The moment of proposal is special and you must enjoy it with your partner before you turn into bridezilla and all the crazy wedding planning begins!

Perfect the Proposal Story for Instagram

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Since he went through so much trouble to give your dream proposal, you need that perfect proposal story to make everyone go ‘awww’. Make sure you get a manicure for that perfect ring shot for Instagram!

Start Wedding Planning

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Start your wedding planning by making checklists and budgets! Figure out how many functions you want, what your parents are paying for and what you need to pay for! You may want to start saving up for that dream wedding lehenga you saw on Instagram!

Set Aside Time to Plan Daily

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We know and understand that you want everything on your special day to be beyond perfect but we suggest that you take things slowly. Take out an hour or two everyday to work on planning the wedding so you are sure of everything and don’t overdo it and stay sane!

Start Pinning

Every girl wants her wedding to be straight out of Pinterest. So for that, create a pinterest board and start pinning décor, outfit and hair and makeup ideas! After you have pinned everything start creating sections for each of your functions, and then decide with your family and friends!

Divide your Duties Between Family & Friends

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Being a bride you can’t do everything at your wedding. So start assigning duties to your beauties. Let your family members handle the vendors, and coordinate things for you on D-day. Everyone should be clear ontheir part so there is no confusion left. PS- Make a group on Whatsapp to make it easier for yourself.

Enjoy the Process

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Of course, this goes without saying that you NEED to enjoy the time from your engagement to the wedding and the whole process of wedding planning! It’s an experience of a lifetime and you should live it fully.



Featured Image Source: Pooja Mundhra | Juhi Godambe