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The Ultimate Bridal Makeup Artist Checklist To Choose The Perfect MUA For Your Wedding

Being a bride, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to take is to choose a makeup artist for your wedding day. As so many MUAs are available in the wedding industry today it get’s hard to decide whom to trust for your big day. Don’t take stress, Wittyvows is here to help you choose the right bridal makeup artist with this checklist! Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be sure to find the perfect makeup match!

The Ultimate Bridal Makeup Artist Checklist To Choose The MUA For Your Wedding

As a bride trying to figure out who to hire to get the dream wedding look you desire, check out our checklist of things you must do, before you pick the MUA for you.

1. Take Trials

Chandni Singh- The bridal Makeup Artist working her magic on a bride wearing peach lehenga
(C)Chandni Singh Hair & Makeup

Take as many trials as you want from different MUAs before you book your D-day Makeup Artist. It is important that you are happy and confident with your bridal makeup, as this will make you less anxious about how you look on your wedding day!

2. Makeup As Per Your Skin Type

It’s hard to trust our skin, especially before any big day in our life. Skin can be very unpredictable – it can become very oily and shiny and make you look very tired and dull. Talk to your MUA about your previous skin conditions and stresses. Discuss which makeup type will suit you best and what he/she recommends!

3. Your Makeup Looks

Get references- You can find a lot of bridal makeup looks on the internet today. Shortlist and discuss them with your MUA. A good MUA will know which one will suit you best and how you can experiment to create a unique look of your own, in sync with your jewellery & outfits too! It’s important that you & your MUA are on the same page!

4. The Makeup Products They Use!

It’s very important that you’re aware of the makeup products your MUA will use on your skin. Let them know if you are allergic to any ingredient or any particular product from a brand. You should not compromise on the quality of products they’re going to use! Infact, in these covid times, its best to ask your MUA if they can work with your lip brushes.

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5. Have A Regular Conversation

Your MUA is your best friend for the D-day. Have a regular conversation with your top contenders and see how comfortable they make you feel. Are they approachable? Ask them for basic advice and see what vibe hey give you. Do they make you feel – anxious or relaxed – this is the litmus test of a feel good MUA!

Hope this little checklist will help you to find the bridal makeup artist of your dreams. Tell us about your bridal makeup hacks in the comments below!



Featured Image Source: Reels & Frames | Nehazz Makeup Studio & Academy