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Busting Wedding Diet Myths For Indian Brides To Lose Weight & Not Their Bridal Glow !

Are you worrying about your weight more than your wedding? Well, first of all take a deep breath. You’d have heard a lot of ‘QUICK’ ways to shed the weight but not all are good for you to try! We’re busting these wedding diet myths and telling what would actually work and why!So scroll down to know thing you should avoid and what you to do to up your happiness and your bridal glow and loose some excess fat as well!

Busting Wedding Diet Myths For Our Lovely Indian Brides

We’ve something special for our Indian brides – Wittyvows has dug deep to clear all the clouds of confusion about diet and bridal weight loss 😉 Take note!

Myth 1 – Mini MealsThroughout The Day

Fact : Well, weight loss is based on the consumption of calories, regardless of how you eat or distribute your meal intake. In other words, it can either be six meals a day schedule (elaborated way of eating ) or the three meals schedule (breakfast, lunch & dinner) – both works well for a healthy diet !

Note : Just make sure that you cut down the unhealthy snacks & munching every now & then 🙂

Myth 2 : Fruit Juices Cleanse

Fact : Yes, we do agree that these body detox plans & fruit juices do help in the weight loss in the short run, but, later you’ll see a bad impact of it on your health like sudden weight gain, increase in your blood sugar levels at an excessive rate 🙁

Note – Please stop trying these fad detox diets- instead eat a raw fruits or home made juices as along with your regular meals as they’ll actually help you a lot.

Myth 3 : Zero Fat, Low Carb, High Protein Diets

Fact : While these do help you loose weight quickly but, in the longterm – they make you feel weak, dizzy & can lead to extreme mood swings. Our body needs these foods (in a fixed portion) for healthy survival. Also the natural glow on your face will disappear slowly. Please don’t torture your body as wedding planning is not a cup of tea- you need energy to be proactive, plan & manage so many decisions and emotions together!

Myth 4 : Skip Your Meals

Fact : Never fall for this trap ! Skipping meals will dampen your metabolism & will eventually lead to weight gain. Feel free to eat in small portions, just don’t overdo it.

P.S.- Never bid a goodbye to your breakfast. Please make sure you never miss on this one !

Myth 5 : Say No To Dairy Products

Fact : Dairy products are rich in calcium & protein. And trust us, your body needs all of these. If you’ll deprive your body’s needs, it will harm you in the long run. Like nutritional deficiencies in near future, weak bones (old age) & so much more.

P.S.- If your doctor or dietician has advised you to stay away from these for some specific reason or disease – then do listen to them 🙂

We’ve tried to bust some of the most common myths about wedding diet & weight loss. So stop believing everything people tell you, until & unless it’s a proven fact. If you know any such myths & the facts on the weight loss, fad diet formulas- then do tell us in the comments below !



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